Ray Edwards Small Business Marketing Podcast Episode 5 – How To Think Bigger

Don't you think it's time you started getting the most out of life? Out of your business?

So do I. And today's podcast is about how to do just that!

Two main topics today:

  1. How to solve any marketing problem
  2. How to think bigger (for the right reasons)

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  • Mia

    Totally awesome podcast, Ray! Your thinking process and willingness to share are truly a blessing for many of us poised on the edge of our future, and giving due consideration to how we'll be leaving this planet a little better than we found it. I'm working on acquiring my RV home-away-from-home so I can visit my kids and grandkids while writing viral fiction in the form of blog posts and ebooks. Thanks for the useful, truthful inspiration today! mia@mia-sherwood-landau.com

  • I'm digging these podcasts Ray – great job again.

    Thinking BIGGER is important for many reasons.

    However, I think the hardest part is then breaking down the “BIG” goals into bite-sized chunks.

    A big goal can seem daunting at first which is why most never take any action. Small chunks is more manageable and therefore easier to “get going” 🙂

    • Good point Stu – and part of my “big but not impossible” philosophy. One way to make it so big it's impossible is: don't chunk it down. So your point is crucial, in my opinion.

  • Narek Gabrielian

    “I'm a copywriter, not a copytalker.” 🙂 Your are awesome Ray! I think you have that hardiness that I don't find that often in others. Believe me, that's really good.

    Great podcast Ray! Always nice to listen to someone who pushes to THINK.

    I like worketing! 🙂

    • Thank you Narek – you made my day with this.

  • Dave Tester

    great stuff as always. I've added a couple you taught me a few years back on, I think I can, I know I can, I did it.

    How to Become a Visionary
    Have you ever given up on a business project before you even started on it? Have you ever set limits on what a sales prospect would spend before you even made a pitch? What if you couldn’t fail? Pretend–at least while you’re reading this–that failure is not an option and your vision will come true. As a business leader you must have the discipline to follow through with your vision or task, despite negative forces, in order to see it to completion. It’s not always easy sticking to what you think is the right path. Here are some good examples of what others accomplished by sticking to their vision.
    In 1923 a South Dakota historian dreamed of creating a sculpture on a mountainside so large it would draw visitors from around the nation. He envisioned giant likenesses of western heroes like General Custer, Buffalo Bill and Lewis and Clark. The vision was ridiculed and set aside by many. But with persistence, and support from key politicos and an artist that shared the vision—the project was realized in 1941. The end result was the likenesses of presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln. The largest work of art on earth is now carved into granite outside of Tombstone, South Dakota, on Mount Rushmore. That’s what I call rock to reality.
    Former Hewlett Packard C.E.O. Carly Fiorina successfully merged HP with Compaq. Before that she led the development of Bell Systems’ Dimension 2000 for conference calls in 1982 with AT&T. Fiorina advocates using your head first with your vision then, just as importantly, says you must follow your heart, stomach and power of a team. From her book: “I learned that sometimes you have to have faith in what you know, even when most everyone else tells you you’re wrong. I learned that if I focused all my energies on the job I had and performed to the very best of my abilities, opportunity would knock. I learned, once again, that we can only be diminished if we choose to allow it. I learned that the more difficult challenge is sometimes worth going after. I learned that those kinds of challenges take a whole team.” Fiorina now spends her time coaching others how to see beyond the first person that says no.
    Remember the vision or dream doesn’t have to rival going to the moon or climbing Mt. Everest, but you must have the foresight and fortitude to see it through even when others say it can’t be done.
    For ideas or comments contact me at http://www.askdavetester.com

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