Ray Edwards Small Business Marketing Podcast Episode 6 – More Bigger Thinking

Wow, I got a lot of feedback on my last podcast about thinking bigger. And not all of it was positive.

So in today's podcast, I address some of the biggest questions that keep cropping up.

Two main topics today:

1. A tool to help you breakthrough to bigger thinking.

2. A way to overcome your biggest limitation (it's probably not what you're thinking).

3. Our very first Q&A session!

As always, if you have feedback or suggestions I'd really like to hear from you.

Call in your questions or comments to our new, fancy “request line” at (509) 713-2679

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  • Rolf

    Thanks for the presentation!

    It was a very loud beginning and a very loud ending. Typical American I would say. It does not resonate very well in Europe – but I guess that is not your target anyway.

    You brought up good questions. Three years from now is good, but why not start with your own obituary and work yourself backwards from there until you reach what you need to do and be today?

    You do get a lot of comment from people around and also from yourself, giving you a lot of reasons why it simply does not work.

    Some people seem to live by this formula:

    Results = no results + AVGR.

    AVGR stands for “a very good reason”.

    However, it is not easy to decide who you should trust these days. One day I have a message in my inbox saying “no, you don't need a list to succeed” and the next day I get one saying “yes, you do need a list”.

    And then I know that there is very clever copywriting behind both offers, deliberately written to more or less trick (hypnotize) me into buying the product or service. Some of them are outright scams as we know. Not all of course.

    I would like to see more of “no results – no pay”. It is a bit tough to implement since it also depends on the actions I take but I like the approach.

    I guess I will listen to the one who walks the talks and has several businesses doing well using the offered “blueprint” rather than to one who just rewrote what his mentor told him.

    Best wishes

    • Sorry you found it loud. I've listened to quite a bit of popular radio in England, where it seems they really like the “typical American” sound. But maybe you weren't commenting on the audio quality.

      The reason I no longer teach the obituary perspective, at least in this context, is simple: for most people it causes a disconnect. “Three years” is a timeframe most people can relate to and can work backwards from in a meaningful way. At least that's been my experience.

      Most of the time, the reason people don't succeed it located right between their ears. Most of the time, failure stems from inaccurate thinking.
      I don't endorse nor do I practice “tricking” or “hypnotising” anyone into buying anything. I believe a much better approach is to create products that solve problems, and then make a persuasive case for buying those products.

      As for the “no results – no pay” idea: good in theory. But my experience shows me that most clients (using my own business as an example) simply don't do what I recommend. They usually find some way to shortcut my recommendation, trying to take the easy or cheap way out. I'm not willing to sacrifice my fee to their stupidity.

      Thanks for the lively discussion! You're welcome here.

      • Rolf

        Thanks for the rapid reply, I appreciate it!

        A three years perspective is probably more inspiring. I think you are right.

        I am glad that you create products that solve problems.

        I agree with you that many people take shortcuts and do not follow the recommendations so this “no results – no pay” is hard to implement. Naturally you should have your fee since you did your part.

        I once took a course in copywriting and it really detailed how to set the whole thing up so that the reader would have no other chance than buy the thing. I was upset by this approach so I am sorry if I was a bit harsh.

        Looking forward to coming episodes.

        Best wishes

        • Thanks Rolf – I really do appreciate your comments. We don't have to agree on everything! Thanks again for your contribution.

  • Mia

    Ray, I especially loved this podcast today because the three questions you suggested immediately jump-started an astonishing revelation for me. Really! I saw that the incredible struggles I've experienced personally and professionally over the last few years have honed and toned me into the person I need to be in order to succeed. Positive thinking is not enough. Hard work is not enough. Seeing myself as the person I need to be, connected to the knowledge and opportunity that abounds locally and virtually has been a “perspective problem”, meaning my own perspective. Wow, those questions are powerful and I just wanted to thank you today because they are not just about the future, they are also about the past.

    • Mia, I'm glad to hear that you were helped by those questions. They do have almost magical clarifying power!

  • Lanterlu

    That's one raucous start. If you hadn't asked for comments I'd have turned it off after the first blare. Some of us have delicate ears and don't abuse them. Thanks.

    There are all these exhortations to look back over three years/lifetime and then work out what you need to do 'today' to achieve that luscious rainbow ahead.

    How about some basic tools to look over the present scene and actually identify the problems, potentials and dead ends, and the sentimentals that are dragging down the bottom line?

    For the self-emplyed and new to it all – how about indicating just which 'experts' would have the skills, knowing, contacts, and experience to HELP you to realise the bigger dream after/while clearing the roadblocks? Hmmm?

    Think on it – if your experience and knowing got you into the present hole – it's going to take something different to get you out – and a smart helping hand on yours (not your wallet) would be a Very Good Place to Start.

    • What is it with you Brits and complaints about the music being too loud? It's YOUR fault. You sent us the Beatles.

      (I hope you can tell that my tongue is planted firmly in cheek!)

      It's hard to recommend experts without knowing what kind of expertise you need, isn't it? I'm less interested in teaching you what to think, and more interested in teaching HOW to think about these things.

      Your final statement is dead on, although I have found that the “helping hand” that is free of charge is often a helping hand that is broke — and we don't take money-making advice from broke people, now do we?

  • Thanks for the feedback, Ray! The resources you offered in response to my question were very helpfull, especially the diythesis recommendation. Keep up the good work!