Ray’s Freebie Friday

Cool free stuff you can use.

A free online hard drive you can share and access from anywhere.

Google Web Apps. Google helps you be more productive with cool web applications.

Open Office.
It’s like Microsoft Office, but it’s not made by Microsoft and it’s, well, free.

My absolute favorite app that defies description – but I’ll try: your new omnipresent, universal, non-corporeal notebook. Yep, can’t describe it. Try it. You’ll understand.

The last password you will ever need. Better than 1Password or Roboform.

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One thought on “Ray’s Freebie Friday

  1. I just installed an alternative to Open Office. Apparently, there has been some turmoil amongst the Open Office development team. Several of the top people have left and developed their own suite of tools based on Open Office called LibreOffice. It’s nearly identical to OpenOffice now, but is expected to be updated more frequently than OpenOffice.