Read Books, Boost Conversions

books.jpgThe Story: Some of the best copy coaching comes from inexpensive books on the subject… and off the subject.

The Point: For a quick boost in the results your copy brings, bone up on these books.

The Resource: SFS Bookstore

3 Books on Copywriting… And One Other:

1. The Robert Collier Letter Book, Robert Collier
2. Scientific Advertising, Claude Hopkins
3. Reason Why Advertising, John E. Kennedy
4. Green Eggs and Ham, Dr. Seuss.

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4 thoughts on “Read Books, Boost Conversions

  1. Great post Ray, I’m just loving your daily podcast… awesome content, and the delivery is second to none.

    You truly are a master of your craft. Keep up the great work and inspiring the tens of thousands that you do.

    I’m super impressed with you and all that you are up to.

    Oh yeah, was also wondering what system you use for your audio, i.e. the audio mp3 expandable links. Also, are you set up with itunes yet? I’d like to subscribe and download all your stuff to my ipod.

    Let’s hook up soon and talk about how we can play together 🙂


  2. Roberta: thanks for your comment!

    Travis: Thank you, too! I’m using a plugin called Anarchy (

    You can subscribe in iTunes with one click:

    I will add something to the posts that makes this easier/simpler — thanks for pointing out the need for that!