Resist Your Enemy

You have an enemy.

Call it Chaos.

Call it the Un-maker.

Call it Satan.

Your enemy is opposed to every act of creation on your part.

Every act of kindness, generosity, beauty, and grace.

Your enemy wants you to think small, play it safe, keep your head down.

Your enemy tries to tell you that an act of kindness makes you weak.

That forgiveness makes you a doormat.

Your enemy whispers in your ear when you have that idea for a new product that would make people's lives better, and he says, “That will never work… nobody will buy that… what a stupid idea… it's too hard.”

You know the enemy's voice well.

If you're like 7 billion other people on this planet, you have heeded it too often.

What if you just stopped listening?

What if you told your enemy to sit down and shut up?

What if, today, you did something bold, beautiful, crazy-cool?

Resist the enemy, and he will flee. He only ever had the power you gave him by listening. Stop listening, and he is undone.

And the world will look different to you.

Possibility unfurls.

Miracle follows miracle.

Try it. You'll like it.

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  • Anonymous

    This was a Valuable ‘Word’ for me to see today. Thank You.

  •  I needed that. Thanks as always. 

  • certainly food for thought  thanks ray I for one will try it

  • All-Star Galacticus

    “What if you told your enemy to sit down and shut up?”  Thanks Ray, I needed to laugh today and that hit the spot!

    I’m encouraged.  “Try it. You’ll like it.”, you say?  I think I will!