Selling Tips From Tony Robbins

tonyrobbins.jpgThe Story: You can learn a lot about selling by watching what Tony Robbins does at his seminars.

The Point: Sometimes it’s more important to emulate what people do than to listen to what they say. Study what Tony does to drive the revenue stream at his company.

The Resource: Tony Robbins

3 Simple Selling Tips From Tony Robbins:

1. Sell people what they want; give them what they need.
2. Create a subculture with its own language.
3. Engage the power of commitment and consistency.

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5 thoughts on “Selling Tips From Tony Robbins

    • Stephen Covey has some great material on being a better listener in both of these books: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Principle-Centered Leadership.

  1. Be very careful not to mix and match you various niche subculture languages. Keep the keywords and tricky phrases confined to the appropriate niches. If you don’t you run the risk of alienating or even offending people.

    Tony Robbins did not start out a huge celeb. He started small and it was commitment and consistency that enhanced the scalability of his business into the giant it is today.

  2. Your point number 2 reminds me a little of Seth Godin’s work. How he takes marketing and business concepts and gives them a hook that becomes a subculture lingo, like—The Dip, The Purple Cow, et al.

    In fact, since a few of us listened to his audio book a couple of months ago, we refer a lot to The Dip—the challenge we’re having changing the learning culture at my day job. We just need to press thru.

    Others don’t get it. In our case, it’ll be marketing that we’re delivering to them what they think they want, and actually gradually giving them what they need.

    We just need to press thru with commitment and consistency to obtain this. : )

    Wow. Did a nice job of *repurposing* your post with my explanation, eh? heh.

    Very masterful capturing Robbins’ process into three bullet points. A+ with that effort Ray. I love such clear, succinct efforts. Gotta get your Bullet Points material.