Seth Godin: Taking the High Road in Marketing

I was working on a post about why it’s better to take the high road in your marketing, and during my research I came across a post by Seth Godin that says it so well, I realize I don’t  need to write the post.

I just need to point you to this one: Seth Godin on taking the high road.

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3 thoughts on “Seth Godin: Taking the High Road in Marketing

  1. OK, Ray, I think I got your point. Go high, aim top, loose small trick and go for the big boys.

    Perfectly agree.

    However, what about small bizs or begginers or ones starting with a low & limited assets ? They may want to go high road but can't …
    Which ends to a two possible ways out: a) the “I can justify al my income except first million”; b) get a job.

    Or maybe there is a third way too … ? Like .. low road, for example … trimed and as open as possible .. ?

    Valentin Hornicar
    Bucuresti, Romania