Your True Identity Revealed [Spiritual Foundations Podcast #005]

Just like a superhero, you have a “secret identity”… on this week's Spiritual Foundations Podcast, your true identity will be revealed!

Man bathed in light and roadway

What has God been teaching you about who you are in Him? Leave your comments below!

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  • When you are more than religion, more than color, race, creed or gender, you are “of the Universe/God.” That is your true Identity.

  • Ray,

    Once we have a relationship with our Heavenly Father – and we realize who we really are there is nothing that can stop us! I ran across this 22-minute short film that gives a glimpse of this principle. (BTW: Be sure to set the quality to HD and expand it to full screen for the maximum impact.)

    I am brought to tears every time I watch this:


  • Ray,
    Thanks so much for making me think about my life in this way. It wasn’t until I really began living my life at age 50 that I realized I had been out of touch with my spirituality for so long.

  • What really matters is who I am in Him… and I don’t want to confuse my “who” with my “do.”