Called To Business [Spiritual Foundations Podcast #002]

God is planting the dream of being an entrepreneur in the hearts of many of His people.



Some are feeling this desire for the first time in their life. I encourage you to follow that dream

How are you answering God's call to marketplace ministry? Leave your comments below!

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  • Ray,

    My wife and I were discussing the idea of spiritual wisdom at lunch today. I want to address an area of our conversation, and throw in a few other thoughts as well.

    1. I agree with the blessings of business totally! It reminds of the great prayer of Jabez.

    2. I also believe that God moves through his promise of Wisdom when we ask. – James 1:5-7

    3. God puts people in our paths for reasons. Sometimes we can’t see the reason why until down the road.

    4. Our team does what we call a PUP report every Monday. The first part of the PUP is Purpose. The Purpose is always the same: “Bring Glory to God. Be the light that attracts. Be the Salt that Seasons.”

    5. This was the lunch topic I mentioned earlier. Have you noticed all of the Apocalyptic Messages in movies, books, etc? I really do believe that is part of the Eternal Connection we have with God’s wisdom. We clearly don’t know when the end is coming, but we feel it. Even if it is another 2000 years away, we feel it today. It comes out in the art we create.

    Thanks again for being a mentor. You are inspiring and helping in so many ways.

    • Thanks Todd, I really appreciate your thoughts shared here.

      • I appreciate everything you are doing. Honestly, I feel like I have found a man standing at a bank vault saying “You would like some gold? Please help yourself.” And I ask, “Where is everyone else?”