Southwest Offers Wi-fi In The Air

southwest.jpgI just read on Valleywag that Southwest will soon start offering in-flight wi-fi! I'm a happy flier.

I fly Southwest frequently. Not only are they economical, they're almost always on time and their employees are unusual in the air travel industry; they're not bitter refugees of the Air Travel Wars. They haven't had their souls crushed by corporate greed and bureaucratic stupidity.

In other words, they're nice people.

So now I get quality air travel, nice people performing the service, and wi-fi too. Life is good.

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  • Dude, that’s great news!

    • Ray Edwards


  • Cheryl Antier

    There was an interesting article about airlines and customer service in general that I read not too long ago. Basically it boiled down to the airlines asking their customers what services or amenities were most important and then providing those.

    Of course, other airlines quickly played copycat (something every business owner has to be prepared for in the growing competitive marketplace). But what made it stand out was that while the copycats provided the same amenities, they did nothing to improve their customer service – and it was that which kept the customers coming back, and being brand evangelists.

    When I’m in the states, we use Southwest a lot – and I’ve always enjoyed them. I’ve never felt like a “seat number” or a dollar amount when flying with them – and I think their dedication to giving their customers what they want is why they’ve done more than just survive the Air Travel Wars. All of us should take a look at their business model and see how it could be adapted to our own businesses.

  • Ray Edwards

    That’s exactly what I’m talking about Cheryl — they treat me like a person they care about. As for applying that to business… do you think that would work? 😉

  • Cheryl Antier

    Well…couldn’t hurt. Especially when you consider how poor customer service is getting these days. It’s a shame that when you’re treated well it’s become such an oddity that you’re surprised and delighted – and when you’re not, nobody says anything because that’s “normal.”