Stu McLaren’s Pre-Wedding Video

My friend Stu McLaren is getting married today. He made this kooky video to explain his “fat lip” dilemna… and to explain why he's having this sale.

He really is offering some discounts on his products that are just… well… crazy. But hey, don't let that stop you from taking advantage of him.

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  • Cheryl Antier

    Okay, two questions:

    Did Stu’s lip go down in time for his Wedding and what hotel did he stay at in the end? By the way, the next time anyone is planning a trip to Paris, send me a quick email first. I live in France (although I personally think the French Riviera beats the heck out of Paris – but then, I could be prejudiced) and I’ll be happy to give you some insider’s tips as to which hotels are the best bargains and which ones you should NEVER stay at!)

    So where’s the follow-up? Dish the dirt Ray…

  • This is an incredible example of finding a “reason” to have a sale. It is credible, believable, personal and a great offer.

    Well done Stu.

    (Ray, way to go for getting him to put that fat lip all over the internet.)


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  • I hope Stu’s best man didn’t reveal in a toast that his fat lip was actually a viagra that got stuck in his throat.

    The video has some great elements- storytelling, sympathy and time pressure.

  • Ed Erickson

    Hah! Great launch angle. Love the launch wrapped around a life event where you’re drawing your *friends* into the fabric of your life.