What Is Copywriting?

Maybe you’ve noticed it. You can hardly open your in-box or  get on Facebook without being bombarded with ads about how to “make a million dollars” in a ridiculously short time from home. Working part-time. In your pajamas.


Here’s the big problem with those ads: in many cases, they’re true!

#041: What’s Better Than New Customers? This… [Podcast]

If your business is struggling right now, or you need more cash flow, you might think it’s ridiculous for me to say there’s something better than new customers. But there is, and that’s what we’ll cover in this week’s interview with Jim Palmer.

working women hand writing

In this weeks podcast episode:

  • Jim Palmer shows us explains what is better than new customers.
  • Stu McLaren: “You should start spying on people”.
  • How to achieve effortless success.

That’s all coming up…