What Is Copywriting?

Maybe you've noticed it. You can hardly open your in-box or  get on Facebook without being bombarded with ads about how to “make a million dollars” in a ridiculously short time from home. Working part-time. In your pajamas.


Here’s the big problem with those ads: in many cases, they’re true!

#038: Get Better Clients Who Pay More [Podcast]

Stressed man hanging up the phoneToday, I share how to get better clients who pay you more money for your products and services. At one point in my career, I would take on as many as six simultaneous projects, and work as much as 80 to 100 hours a week. That is simply crazy. There is a better way, and in this episode I’ll show it to you..

#037: How To Create A One-Page Marketing Plan [Podcast]

If you are tired of struggling to make sales… if it seems your business exists just to blindly run from one promotion to another… if every month you feel like you have to reinvent the wheel to bring in revenue… you're going to love today's podcast!planning

Today, I'm going to give you a quick method to create a marketing plan for the entire year of 2013. The best part is, this is going to be so simple you can fit your entire marketing plan on a single page. Which means, you'll actually do it!

Here's the menu for today's episode:

  • A book recommendation that will change the way you learn, and the way you eat.
  • Why you can expect God to provide open doors, new opportunities, and the resources to overcome whatever challenges you may be facing.
  • My quick and easy method for laying out your promotion and marketing calendar for the coming year… boosting your sales and profits, and slashing the amount of work and stress in your life.
  • And I will share a few special announcements.

#036: The Best Online Business Tools [Podcast]


In today's podcast, I am spending a lot of time answering one of the most common questions I receive: “Ray, what online business tools or software do you use to run your Internet based business?” I'll go into detail about what online business tools I use, why I chose them, and also be very candid about whether I would make the same choice if I were starting over again today.

Specifically, in this episode we will cover the following:

  • I will share my new favorite iPad app, which is a notetaking app with a twist.
  • In Spiritual Foundations, will discuss God's will to heal in all areas of your life.
  • I will go in-depth on the subject of online business tools. I'll get specific, and name names.
  • Stu McLaren shares exactly how frustrations can be the source of million-dollar business ideas.
  • And I will share a few special announcements.