Tell Stories – Increase Sales

story.jpgThe Story: Telling stories that captivate and engage the reader increases your overall sales.

Stories are attention magnets.

The Point: Too many online marketers adhere to the “just the facts” approach — or worse, they engage in “hype”.

This costs these unfortunate marketers sales and profits.

Integrate a powerful story into your copy and test the results.

The Resource: All Marketers Are Liars, by Seth Godin

3 Ways To Use Stories In Your Marketing:

1. Attention grabbers that draw people into the copy.
2. Rapport builders that mirror your reader's dominant emotion.
3. Proof elements that create mental images of your product working for the reader.
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  • Story / Point / Resource – What an excellent and concise structure. Thanks a million

  • iTunes RSS does not appear to work

  • Ray Edwards

    Hmmm. It’s working for me. Perhaps others will give it a try and let me know if they’re having any trouble? (If you do, please note your OS and your browser, thanks!)

  • Great Podcast Ray, I really liked it I’ve been researching the sales letters for FX trading products for a client.

    I could not see too many stories in the sales copy there.

  • Story telling helps cut through the attention age clutter. But, like a good strip tease it’s best to leave a bit to the imagination.

  • Ed Erickson

    Seth Godin rocks. Love his thoughts. Great mind. Great ability to repackage and explain such things.

    This is a great post/cast Ray. Golden. I love how you explained this. Going to return to this post to stir my mind again.

    In explaining our revamped employee development process , I took to making it a story about an employee. About the discussions and how the steps of the process proceed annually to develop and grow them. Coupled this with some endearing comic characters providing the visuals. Going to post this on our intranet in the coming weeks. Should connect well.

  • To create a solid foundation in storytelling, learn all you can about the history of storytelling. Visit for a great place to start.

    When you really get stuck for ideas, write a eulogy. Imagine getting up in front of a room full of people and delivering a eulogy. You can’t just talk about facts and truths, a story or two will naturally get woven into your speech.