The 5 Doors of Destiny

Yesterday I preached a sermon called, “The 5 Doors of Destiny” at Zion in Spokane, WA. You can hear that sermon here.

Or, you can receive the point I was trying to make just by reading the two paragraphs below.

A legitimate question to ask is, “If Jesus is now Lord of the world, why is it still filled with evil, wickedness, pain, and chaos?”

The answer: Jesus, the ruler of the world, has chosen to rule in and through his people. For this reason, the Scriptures call us “kings and priests” on the earth. Or as Peter put it, “a royal priesthood”, bringing us back to God's original plan for human beings.

Jesus: A Theography, by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola, pp. 159

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  • Jac

    People have asked me this question so many times, even argued over it and my answer usually is… God gave us dominion or management over earth, and because He is only a good God and not a tyrant or oppressor. He gave us free will.

    He also said that He will never interfere with that free will, and that makes us responsible for all the evil, wickedness, pain, and chaos. What happens on earth, stays on earth, so we cannot blame God for the chaos we “create” and then are unable to control or eradicate.

    And then the real question… If you are so concerned why don’t you do something about it instead of just criticizing and whining?

    I mean, is that not a legitimate question?

    If only… If only we could stand together especially we, who call ourselves Christians.

    • Thanks Jac – when people ask me, “How can God allow genocide/hunger/abuse/disease/etc…” I’m always tempted to ask: “How can YOU?”

  • Spot on, Ray! The goal is to get back to the Garden, restoration for the King and His kids. Until then…sin gets on stuff.