The Internet Is Not American

I just stumbled upon these numbers at the Desiring God website.

“The population of the world just crossed the seven-billion mark. There are currently an estimated 2.26 billion Internet users worldwide — one billion of which are from Asia, and only 273 million of which are from North America.

Here's the current breakdown for Internet use globally:

Asia: 1 billion Web users (26% penetration)
Europe: 500 million Web users (61.3% penetration)
North America: 273 million Web users (78.6% penetration)
Latin America: 235 million Web users (39.5% penetration)
Africa: 139 million Web users (13.5% penetration)
Middle East: 77 million Web users (35% penetration)
Australia: 23 million Web users (67% penetration)

Sources: Nielsen Online, UN International Telecommunications Union, GfK, local Regulators and other reliable sources.”

I'm willing to bet most American websites are oblivious to the other (majority) “World Wide Web”.

What does this tell us?

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  • shelhorowitz

    Back in 1996 when my first site went live, I had a page translated into about eight languages, apologizing that I couldn’t translate the entire site and giving the key message points. I have also always refused to install any script that insisted on a US-format phone or postal code. I had a nice plugin for a few years that automatically translated on the fly. I still have one of those on some of my WordPress sites–note to self: you forgot to install it on your newest sites!–you can see it at (after closing the popup window)–but the one I was using on my HTML sites stopped working and I haven’t found a substitute.

    In short, I have agreed with this post for the 16 years I’ve had a web presence.

    –Shel Horowitz, author of Guerrilla marketing Goes Green and seven other books

    • @shelhorowitz As always, Shel, I admire your foresight. What plugin are you using to do the translation?

      • shelhorowitz


        Global Translator:

        “Automatically translates a blog in 48 different languages by wrapping four different online translation engines (Google Translation Engine, Babelfish Translation Engine,, Promt). After uploading this plugin click ‘Activate’ (to the right) and then afterwards you must visit the options page and enter your blog language to enable the translator.

        Version 1.3.2 | By Davide Pozza | Visit plugin site”