The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Online Business

There is a threat lurking in the shadows, one that could destroy your online business. It is silent, virtually invisible, and often accomplishes its malevolent purposes without ever being identified.


This threat does not come from your competitors, from the economic environment, from lawmakers, or even from Google.

This threat, which destroys not only businesses but also health, families, and friendships, has been with us long before there ever was such a thing as the Internet.

The threat I’m referring to is: fear.

Fear causes you to shrink your thinking. To downsize your aspirations. To minimize your mission. To be self-deprecating, when what the world desperately needs is for you to stand up and make a difference.

Fear seeks only to rob, kill, and destroy.

Resist fear, and it will flee.

Face fear, and it will reveal itself to be nothing more than a lie. A lie that deceives you into playing a smaller game than the one you were created for.

Don’t buy the lie.

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2 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Online Business

  1. Ray – oh how true. Even after all these years I still find that little rascal lurking around corners now and then.