The New TGIF

The great Os Hillman has a website, and a book, called Today God Is First (TGIF)

This is a reframing of the old cliche, TGIF, which for most of the world means “thank God it's Friday”.

The point Os is trying to make, I believe, is that we need a shift in the way we think about work and our life.

If your perspective on life is: you hate what you do 40-60 hours per week, and you are only thanking God when Friday comes around, so you can step out of that hellish workplace that you are forced to occupy…

Can you see what a desolate, hopeless worldview that is?

Who can exist with such a worldview and still feel fulfilled?

There is no question that some jobs are not fun. I am not debating that.

There is no question that some jobs are necessary, and that they are ugly and brutal. And that someone has to do them.

And I am not naive enough to believe that we are 100% in control of every facet of our lives.

But I do have enough faith to know this: we are in control of our response to what happens to us.

We are in control of our attitudes, our thoughts, and our behaviors.

If you woke up every morning with the attitude that TGIF means “today God is first”, I think that would change the very way you approach every aspect of your life.

Perhaps it would even begin to give you that elusive sense of fulfillment and joy you so desperately wish for.

What do you think?

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  • SheriGraham

    Wow Ray!  You are so right!  Even as a Christian, I can fall into the mindset of being so thankful that it is Friday.  After a long week of homeschooling, homemaking, and home business…well…I am thankful that it is Friday!  
    But I love your thoughts..”Today God is first!”  Yes..I see now how that changes my whole mindset.  It keeps my perspective on why I do what I do.  It is not about me, not about the work I do, not about earning money, it is ALL about Him.  He is first in all things and He is the One who will strengthen me to do what He is calling me to do.
    Thank you for sharing!!!
    Have a blessed day,

    •  @SheriGraham Thanks for being so generous with your comments, Sheri. I appreciate you!

  • Ray, Indeed I am thankful for Friday, Sat, Sun, Mon etc. 🙂 but love the thought of “Today God is First”. Thanks for the article and the link to Os Hillman. Matthew 6:33

    •  @dhammett Thank you Doug. And that is one of my very favorite scripture references!

  • I always live by the mantra, rejoice for today is the day that the Lord has made.

    I’m of the opinion that heaven and hell are as much here on Earth as they are where we will move upon our passing.

    That’s where and when it really matters how we respond to the events in our lives.

    Not letting circumstances, situations, moments dictate how we feel is very much how decided whether or not we live in hell or heaven this very day.

    And yes…today and every day, God is first. He reigns, and he is good!