The True Secret of Success

My heart is racing as I write this. I'm sure it will create some controversy-but that is not the reason I wrote it.

The reason I wrote this article is simple.

Someone needs to speak the truth. Here's what I mean…

Everywhere I go in the Internet marketing community (and elsewhere), I see people being robbed. I see you being robbed.

There are lies and half-truths that are stealing from you every day. Robbing you.

You are being robbed of customers, profits, success, fulfillment, and peace of mind.

These lies and half-truths are being taught and promoted both by innocent people who don't know any better, and also by some who are simply out to take your money. Or your life.

These lies are at the root of the problems many Internet marketers are experiencing right now.

Internet Marketing Meltdown

You may not know this, but many so-called “Internet Marketing” and “self-help” “gurus” are in deep trouble these days.

  • Their sales are down.
  • Their refunds and chargebacks are up.
  • Their ride on the gravy train is apparently over.

I don't write this in order to gloat. These are not, by and large, bad people. They have been robbed, too.

Something huge is happening, and hardly anyone is talking about it.

So… Is Everyone In Trouble?

No, not everyone is experiencing this downturn in business.

Some are thriving.

A few of my colleagues and clients continue to prosper, despite the discouraging economic climate.

I have been blessed to be among those who are prospering.

Here’s a shocking fact: almost without exception, those of us who continue to succeed share a common “x-factor”.

This “x-factor” is the antidote to the lies I mentioned earlier.

It is also effective protection against the thief who seeks to rob you.

It is the secret of my success.

It can be, and should be, yours.

The Only Success Secret You Need

Don't worry. I'm not out to sell you anything.

I'm going to tell you what this mysterious thing actually is, and I'm not going to charge you for it.

I received it freely, and I will give it freely to you.

But before I do, let me set the stage…

This is the one thing that will give you access to success in all areas…

  • Wealth
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Business
  • School
  • Love
  • Life

This is the one thing that will free you forever from…

  • Poverty
  • Debt
  • Greed
  • Sickness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Fear

This works without you studying, “trying harder”, or attempting to improve yourself.

In fact, as amazing as it seems, “working hard” or “trying” actually works against the “uncommon key” to success I’m talking about. The key itself is a gift and it is, in fact, already yours. All you have to do is accept it.

I've Been Keeping This From You

No, I haven't wished you ill.

I wasn't keeping it from you to try and deprive you of the good things in life.

You see, I knew all along that for some, this would be hard to accept.

That it might, in fact, make me a few enemies.

So to be polite, and preserve the peace, I've kept the secret of my own success pretty much to myself.

But after taking a long hard look at the condition of the people that I know (and love) in this business, and in life in general, I decided that silence was no longer acceptable.

It's time I let you in on this life-changing key to real success. We'll begin with this revelation…

Self-help Doesn't Help

If you have bought more than one self-help product or book… you already know, deep down inside, self-help doesn't work.

Oh, some of the ideas, techniques, and programs may provide temporary “Band-Aid” fixes for your problems, but it seems like the problems always come back.

It seems like the “fix” is always temporary.

Well, I've got some good news.

It doesn't have to be this way.

You see, the problem with self-help isn't that you lack discipline, or that you just need to try harder, or any other such nonsense.

The problem is more fundamental.

You're looking for success in all the wrong places.

And trust me, I know. I did too, for a very long time.

When I Finally Embraced This — It Changed My Life.

Once I fully realized the power of this “singular success key”, my life did a 180° turnaround.

The first thing that happened was my miraculous recovery from clinical depression.

“Recovery” is not the right term; “healing” is the term that most accurately describes what happened to me.

Most people don't know that in the early 2000's I suffered from deep, debilitating depression.

For a short while, I underwent counseling and even took antidepressants. Both of those things are good, and they were helpful to me.

But what is even better is the power of this “x-factor” I'm talking about today-the power that completely healed me of depression.

Freed me from taking pills of any kind. Completely changed my outlook on life.

Gave me my joy back.

The freedom I gained also empowered me to leave a successful radio career  to start my own business, and as a result to quickly become one of the most successful direct response copywriters on the Internet.

It seemed as though doors were open to me that were not open to others; it seemed as though nothing I touched could go wrong; and people were beating down my door to have me work with them.

I believe the same thing that caused my amazing healing, that provided incredible financial abundance, that enriched my marriage in ways I never expected, that gave me an “extreme life makeover”… that thing is also freely available to you.

I believe that it can change your life the same way it changed mine.

And I believe it is time for me to unveil this life-changing success secret, and share with you openly.

Doing so will in fact become my life's work, starting today.

A Strong Warning

I'm about to tell you exactly what I’m talking about, in just a moment.

But let me warn you ahead of time, there will be strong reactions to what I'm about to say.

  • Some simply won't believe it.
  • Some will be offended.
  • Some will find it hard to swallow because of past hurts or injustices.
  • Some will think they've “heard it before” (but I believe you've never heard it quite like this).
  • Some will think I'm trying to “sell something”, or that I'm working some kind of angle. I assure you that is not so.
  • Some will unsubscribe, stop reading my materials, and vilify me in online forums.

So be it. But…

I urge you, before you refuse the meal, taste and see for yourself if it's good.

I assure you it is absolutely the one meal you cannot afford to miss.

How To Receive Success In Everything You Do

Almost everyone I know is looking for “the key” to success in all areas of their life.

Most people, as I've already stated, are looking in the wrong places. They are looking for guidance from the wrong people. They are seeking their fulfillment-their success – from the wrong things.

The real answer to all of your problems in life is simple: if you want success and victory in this life, this is my secret (and can easily be yours, too)…

God's Wisdom Always Leads To Success

I'm here to tell you that whatever you need in life, Jesus Christ, who is God in human flesh, is right beside you and ready to help.

He wants you to experience success in every way that is good.

Not only in some mysterious “afterlife”, but in this world. Today.

I know this is probably different than anything you may have heard before, but stick with me…

Wisdom From God Will Prosper You In Every Way

When I say that “wisdom from God” will bring you prosperity, I'm not talking about pretty, poetic sayings that sound wise.

I'm talking about experiencing a heightened awareness of the right actions to take in life… I'm talking about supernatural intelligence and wisdom that you can have access to. Right now. Today.

You may not know this, you may have never been taught this, but God says in Scripture that he wants us to succeed. And if you will simply partner with him, he will guide you through every challenge you face.

He will give you the wisdom and the intelligence and the understanding to make the right decisions-in business, in relationships, and in life in general.

God will, in fact, place his “favor” on your life. What that means is, everything you touch will prosper.

And don't worry, there is nothing you need to do in order to earn this favor from God. In fact, it is impossible for you to earn it. You can only receive it from him as a gift.

Hear me clearly: when you choose to follow Jesus, he will give you wisdom and favor in all areas of your life.

Does this mean that you will never face any problems? No. Of course not.

But read this next section very carefully…

Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

Organized religion has been guilty of misrepresenting the nature and character of God.

Perhaps you have been the victim of some of this teaching.

One thing that is commonly taught is that bad things happen to us “for a reason”. That through trials and tribulations, God is shaping our character and teaching us lessons. That there are things we “need to learn”.

There is no doubt in my mind that there are things that each of us do need to learn; and I certainly know that each of us can experience growth in our character.

But none of that gives us the right to impugn the character of God.

If you latch onto nothing else that I say, please get this and receive it in the core of your being: God is good, all the time.

That is the one basic truth of life.

When anything bad happens to us-whether it be sickness, financial problems, emotional trouble, or broken relationships…

…those bad things do not come from God. They come from the enemy of God…

Commonly known as satan.

Yep, I'm talking about “the devil”.

And while “satan” may sound like an old-fashioned idea to you, it might come as a surprise to learn that he is a real being. And he really has an agenda to do you harm.

You see, the devil of Scripture was never portrayed as a red creature with a pointy tail and a pitchfork.

He is, in fact, a powerful being who is filled with pride and who opposes God.

And because God loves you and wants you to succeed – because God has a great destiny for you – satan opposes that. Satan hates you, and wants you to fail!

Without veering off into some pretty deep theological waters, let's just boil it down to this: good things come from God. Bad things come from the devil.

God wants us to spare us the evils that our enemy has planned for us. And that's why he sent his son, Jesus Christ, to the earth. Jesus did all the work necessary to “pay the bill” for each and every human being on the face of the earth. To give each of us a clean slate, pay the price of our own sin, and make us righteous in the eyes of God.

But that's not all.

The Bible says that Jesus came to “destroy the works of the devil”.

The Scripture teaches that we can have protection from the schemes of the enemy, that we can be victorious over the evil that he has planned for us.

The more you behold Jesus, and the work he has done for you, the more wisdom and favor you will receive from him.

And through Jesus, God provides a way for you to receive the benefits of blessing. As you behold Jesus, and learn to sense his presence, and walk in his wisdom, you will experience success and favor in your life.

Wait! Is This The “Prosperity Gospel”?

Some critics of what I am saying here will be quick to label me as a purveyor of the “prosperity gospel”. Or, as is sometimes derisively known, the “health and wealth” gospel.

Well, would you prefer a “sickness and poverty” gospel?

I'll be quick to admit that I do believe God wants us to prosper.

It isn't simply about amassing piles of money and toys to make ourselves feel better or to seem more important than other people (that certainly misses the point). It is about receiving everything that God has in store for us-and it is all good.

Because he is good.

This all comes straight from Scripture, too.

God Favors Those Who Honor Him

All we have to do is look in the Bible itself to see that God showed special favor to those who honored him. For instance…

David. Most of us know the story of David and Goliath; the young Israelite who faced the giant Philistine in battle and defeated him with a slingshot. Now, David knew that he could not defeat Goliath from his own strength. David did not trust his own self-effort to give him success in the battle with Goliath. He relied on the power of God. You too have access to that same power. You can trust God to give you victory over the “giants” that you face in your own lifes; the circumstances, sickness, and challenges that come against you.

Solomon. When God asked Solomon what he desired most, Solomon answered that he wanted wisdom – an understanding heart. The Hebrew word that was used in the original text of this story is “shama” which literally means a “hearing heart”. In other words, Solomon asked for a heart that could hear God's voice. We can ask for the same thing, and God will give us the gift of his wisdom and truth within ourselves. Doesn't that sound like an advantage in life that you would want?

Joseph. You may or may not remember the story of Joseph from the Old Testament, but he faced some pretty hard times in his life. Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers. He was thrown into prison, falsely accused of a crime he did not commit. He languished in prison for years, apparently forgotten. But even during those dark times, Joseph kept his focus on the presence of God. In the end, he was promoted to a position of high authority in the palace and became a ruler in the land. And just like Joseph, when you learn to be sensitive to God's presence in everything you do (including business and your day-to-day life), you too will experience success.

Jesus himself. Jesus never faced a situation for which he lacked wisdom. We know from Scripture that even when he was a child he amazed the leaders in the Temple with his knowledge of Scripture and of the power of God. When you simply meditate on the word (the Bible) you are actually meditating on the person of Jesus, because the Bible teaches us that he is the Word become flesh. This is how, through the finished work that Jesus did on the cross, and through the gift of his grace over your life, you are free to walk in wisdom, victory, and success.

It really is that simple.

You don't have to attend church a certain number of times, or say certain prayers over and over again, or do any “work” to receive these blessings of success and prosperity.

Jesus did the work for you, and he gives you the results of his work as a gift.

The Two Traps

At this point, it's important that we are aware of two traps that await those who wish to follow Jesus and experience the success that he offers.

Those traps are the twin perils of poverty and greed.

Right now, these two mindsets hold the world in their power – especially so in the realm of business and online marketing; they are the source of the economic woes we see all around us today.

The poverty mindset is a product of fear. The kind of fear that tells you there will never be enough, that in order for me to win someone else has to lose, and that disaster is always around the corner. That doesn't sound like a very pleasant way to live, now does it?

The poverty mindset will keep you broke, in debt, and fearful for the rest of your life if you don't stand against it.

The other enemy of true prosperity is the greed mindset. This is the mindset of selfishness, of self-aggrandizement, and of making oneself feel better by putting others down. This is the mindset that leads people to collect as many boats, cars, gigantic houses, and material possessions as a way of proving their own value as a person. This mindset is also motivated by fear-the fear of not being valued by others.

It’s Okay To Be Rich – But First Seek God’s Kingdom

Please hear me very clearly: there is nothing wrong with having a big house, or nice cars.

Merely having nice possessions is not an indicator of the condition of someone's soul.

Neither is having very few possessions; just because someone does not experience financial abundance in one particular moment in time does not mean that they are in thrall to poverty.

Likewise, being focused on material possessions for the wrong reasons can lead to pride, and tempt one to become greedy.

My point is simply this: the external circumstances are never a reliable indicator of the condition of a person's heart.

But from the standpoint of guarding yourself against great unhappiness, I caution you to avoid both of these deadly mindsets. Stay far away from the poverty mindset, and have faith that even when you are temporarily in lack, there will always be enough. There is always more of everything you need available to you.

Likewise, you should strenuously avoid falling in love with material possessions acquired for the sake of stoking your pride. Piling up “stuff” in order to prove your own value is a quick road to misery.

When you can navigate successfully and stay out of these two mindsets-when you are slave to neither greed nor poverty-you experience what God wants for you with all his heart. You experience true prosperity.

The apostle Paul said that he had learned the secret to being content whether he had much (which he sometimes did) or whether he had nothing (a condition he also experienced frequently). What was his secret? The same secret I've been talking to you about all along: he said, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

Jesus Christ is the reason and the source of every good thing that I have experienced in my life.

Yes, he has “saved” my soul and made me “right with God”… and…

  • He also healed me from clinical depression.
  • He restored my love of people.
  • He gave me back my joy.
  • He blessed my marriage, renewing and increasing the joy I already had in my relationship with my wife.
  • He has given me material blessings beyond measure, and the freedom to do work that I love without fear of external economic conditions.
  • He is the reason for my business success.

While I have often talked about being a follower of Jesus in the past, and done so openly, I have never before revealed the true depth of my belief about exactly what it is Jesus has done for me. And what he wants to do for you.

But now, the gloves are off.

I want everyone to experience the same joy, the same piece, and the same prosperity that I myself enjoy.

I realize that for some, this may be a bit much to take. Please know that is not my intention or desire to offend you-far from it, it's my intention and desire to see you succeed wildly on a whole new scale. It's what I have committed my life to.

And here’s what that looks like…

My Marketplace Mission: 1,000 Millionaires.

I feel that God has prepared me for this very time to help demolish the mindsets of both poverty and greed that have a grip on so many.

I am privileged to be called to be part of the solution.

Our mission going forward, here at Ray Edwards International, Inc, is a very simple one: to mentor, foster, and lead 1,000 people to become millionaires.

Not to become millionaires for the reasons the world normally supposes people want to be rich. Not so that they can buy the biggest house, or the fastest sports car, or acquire the “most toys”.

Our aim (and my personal mission) is to develop “Kingdom millionaires”. People who seek to accumulate wealth in order to do the work of God's kingdom.

Leading 1,000 people to become millionaires means bringing one billion dollars into God’s Kingdom – money that will be used for His purposes.

Over the last few years, I've had the great privilege of working with many well-known marketers and thought-leaders.

Some of my clients are household names.

I've been able to contribute to their success, and my work has been responsible, in part, for bringing millions of dollars into those businesses and those personal fortunes.

Now, I am dedicating my work-all of it-to the building of God's kingdom.

How? By continuing to help people and businesses create more wealth – but now with a renewed and more accurately-focused purpose. By being dedicated…

  • To the destruction of the poverty and greed mindset.
  • To the creation of new wealth.
  • To the alleviation of suffering, sickness, and poverty.

We are in a world at war. It’s Good against evil.

While evil wants to take over, we resist the idea of giving up a single inch of ground.

This is the sound of a revolution.

If You’re Receiving This Message, You Are The Resistance

If this resonates with you, if you want to be part of this revolution, I invite you to stick with me.

As dark as some people think tomorrow looks, we have a different view.

We believe the future is pregnant with promise, and we are committed to taking back tomorrow from the “gloom and doomers”.

So how can you join in?

First, and absolutely of most importance, make sure you are following Jesus. Accept Him as your Lord (your Master) and as your Savior. It’s not complex. All that is required:

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

Romans 10:9

Next, if what I’ve said here seems to draw you toward it, then this is your place!

Subscribe to this blog, if you haven't already.

In the coming days and weeks, you'll see our new focus reflected in the articles we publish, the podcasts we produce, the information products and books we make available.

My teaching and materials will reflect the principles of helping you build wealth from a foundation of Kingdom principles – for Kingdom purposes.

We will be together on the journey of true prosperity.

And like John, the beloved disciple of Jesus, I want you to prosper, even as your soul prospers.

I look forward to contributing to your success.

We have some exciting things in store for you.

In the meantime…

May you prosper wildly, and may you be radically blessed.

Yours in Christ,


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  • Frank Garon

    I’m with you on this all the way, brother! I have been going through my own spiritual awakening over the past few years and I can tell you that doing things the RIGHT way (Serving Him first) makes life go a whole lot easier. Thanks for having the courage to speak your truth!

    Frank Garon

    • Thanks Frank! I appreciate you taking time to post here, and I’m excited to hear about your spiritual journey.

      • Frank Garon

        Hi Ray:

        I am far from a Saint, and I make mistakes every day. But I finally wised up, stopped doing things MY way, and figured out who I was really supposed to be listening to. Getting my butt back to Church has been the best thing I’ve done in years.

        Now, I’m a Christian too, but I have to say one thing. Regardless of a person’s faith, the truth is as I see it is that we are lost if we don’t practice (and live) our chosen faith(s). This Planet didn’t get here by itself, and SOMEBODY bigger & smarter than us had to put it all together, It’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

        I have friends who are Sikh, Conservative Jew, Muslim and just about any other faith you can name. You can literally see the difference between someone who is practicing his/her faith, and someone who isn’t.

        Not here to pass judgement (he who is without sin and all that), but if we all would get back to basics (faith, service to our fellow man, love thy neighbor, respecting all the wonderful gifts we have (water, air, etc etc) instead of poisoning them, we all just might live happier and more fulfilled lives…

        Frank Garon

        PS: I really do need to call you & talk about your Ministry. I’m actually called to do the same!

        • Wow Frank – that is awesome! You have my digits – call me any time.


  • Ray,

    An exceptional post and I’m excited to see the new direction your business will be going. Reaching others for Christ in all you do is a noble endeavor.

    May God richly bless you as you serve Him.

    Kirstyn Sierra, LLC

    • I’ll accept that blessing Kathryn – and pray the same for you.

  • Amen, brother! I’m right there with you, deeply in the battle! This was confirmation of what I’m going through at this time. I have horrible financial lack at the moment, but I’m arming myself with FAITH. Thanks for the encouragement! I too want to be a kingdom builder!

    • Dana,

      Thanks for the supportive message – I’m glad to be of some encouragement to you!

      Be blessed!

  • Becki

    Ray, I’m so encouraged by this post! Indeed Christ is the only answer in this world that is so desperately seeking, especially in seeing how fast things can change that we never expected. What a huge gift it is to have the peace of Christ. Hide it under a bushel? No!!


  • Anonymous

    Have you been talking to Perry Marshall? He also sent an email about following God’s wisdom today…

    I’m with you, Ray. It’s not just your blog post; many of the same things have been going through my mind this week. No “unsubscribe” from me (in fact, I just prayed for your “mission”, and while I’m prone to forget, I will pray more as I remember).

    Hope to hear more from you about this soon.

    Best regards,

    • Tom,

      I haven’t spoken to Perry – but I saw his email after I had written my own. As I said in the post, something is brewing! God is moving and speaking, and those who are listening (like you and Perry and others) are hearing the same things.



  • Jeff

    Matthew 5:44-45 (New International Version, ©2010)

    44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

    Seeking First God’s Kingdom is the #1 priority…. period.

    Hey Christian marketers – my heart has been itching for this for a long time.

    Maybe, instead of another internet seminar with multispeakers – we all go on some kinda mercy/missions trip someplace for a week or two and use our collective marketing chops to raise money and make a difference someplace where we are really needed.

    It’s something God’s laid on my heart for 3 years, but I don’t know if the community is ready for this yet, if we have united leadership to pull it off.

    Anyways, the seed is out there to make it happen.

    Ray – thanks for stepping out in faith, by sharing yours.

    Jeff Mills

    • Jeff,

      Thanks so much for chiming in! That sounds like a great idea you’ve come up with.


  • Thanks Henry – I really appreciate this *and* the card! Let’s talk soon, okay?


  • Thank you Mia! And just for the record, I love all people — just as Jesus does.

  • Thanks for the feedback Chuck! I pray that God showers you with the abundance only He can give.


  • randy

    Good (God) on you Ray. You are speaking truth. I would challenge everyone in the internet community to stop robbing others of their money, customers and peace, and to speak out about iinjustice when they see it. I see so many dubious products being promoted and huge sums of money being charged ( $1000, $2000, $5000) for good products that in a more stable situation would be hundreds instead of thousands. This is being fueled by so many people’s desires but is being lead by internet gurus who do so just because they can.

    • Randy, I hear you! Thanks for speaking up.

  • Russ

    Thank you Ray. Was just talking with a client about the ultimate purpose of both of our businesses and how we can use them to share our love of Jesus with others. I’ve been going on faith as I build and develop my business – planting many seeds and waiting for the harvest time. I am totally convinced God will bless my efforts – even though at this moment my financial situation is pretty tenuous.

    I panic when I try to do it all myself, but have peace when I give it to God. Thank you for changing my mood during a particularly dark day.

  • Clarke

    I agree with much of what you’re saying, but … there are some details that you probably agree with but just didn’t quite hit.

    I’ve watched people pursue “wealth”, but too often they measure it in terms of money, goods, power, and influence. These are the tools Satan uses to tempt and lead people astray. If you focus FIRST on the impotant things (what you’re referring to as “the Kingdom of God”), that adds stability.

    I woujld add to that family since I have “more than my share” — 9 children, 15 grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter while coming up on our 45th wedding anniversary in a few months. That comes in there with the Kingdom, but it’s really part of that anyway. But there’s no substitute for rearing children and instilling in them strong moral values with a solid sense of right and wrong — especially in today’s screwed-up society. That’s where the real wealth lies…

    One big thing that gets overlooked is the value of adversity in life. My perspective is somewhat different than that of many of my Christian friends (some of whom accuse me of being non-Christian because of certain views I hold). My take is man was created and placed on this earth to not only experience joy (not the same as the entertainment some might call “happiness”), and some of our greatest joys, and life’s great and most important lessons come from going through adversity and hardship.

    Indeed, hardship and adversity are necessary to mold character.

    Look at the grand, tall Sequoia redwoods of California. Huge trees towering high into the skies.
    Then look at a gnarled, twisted, bristlecone pine whose roots spread from the trunk 18 inches or more above ground and the roots go into the solid sandstone cliffs of Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah (near Bryce Canyon). That tree is hundreds of years older than the big redwoods, but survived extremely difficult circumstances.

    Is the redwood more “successful”? Yet that over 2000-year-old pine taught me a huge lesson in tenacity.

    People are like that. Some grow in fertile environments and turn into a public embarrassment — corrupt to the core. Heirs to daddy’s wealth and often spoled brats. Others grow in difficult circumstances and become great. That’s why it’s important that we not judge others when we cannot look upon the heart.

    I agree that success will not jump out and attack you. Wealth must be pursued, but it must be done for the right reasons or it can be highly destructive to the person and to others. Look at the mess the world is in now because of corruption in government, finance, and investment firms. Those unwise, foolish souls bought the notion that the one who dies with the most toys wins.

    No. The one with the most toys still wins, but he will face his Creator and account for his sins, and will be, as at Belshazzar’s Feast, weighed in the balances and found wanting.

    And his riches will be securely left behind and his soul not saved.

    You and Perry aren’t the only ones on this tangent…

    Joshua Boswell has launched his “Voice of Wealth” as well. Maybe there’s a movement afoot.

    We certainly need something to counter-balance the oafs in DC who cluelessly or with evil intent are dragging us into the morass with them.

    Deuteronomy 8:17-20 is instructive: “17 And thou say in thine heart, My power and the might of mine hand hath gotten me this wealth.

    18 But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.

    19 And it shall be, if thou do at all forget the LORD thy God, and walk after other gods, and serve them, and worship them, I testify against you this day that ye shall surely perish.

    20 As the nations which the LORD destroyeth before your face, so shall ye perish; because ye would not be obedient unto the voice of the LORD your God.

    God will bless those who are obedient and “earn” wealth by being of service to others. But if you pursue wealth, rather than seeking to be of greater service to others with confidence that the Lord will provide a suitable harvest, you can get burned — badly.

    If not here, then later after it’s too late to change the outcome.


    • Well-stated and thoughtfully written, as always Clarke. My life is better for your being in it!

  • Convey-good-news

    God, bless you more in awesome ways as you have profess that only your Creator, can do His Wonders, like no one else can! I hope to prove some simple things by simple actions, I am not a writer, I have a little desire to want to convey the pictures that I too have in my brain celss.
    That seem to be running around in my head, for sometiime now, I saw you as HIs tool, in them words that you where giving as you put. I too want to serve Him, in a state of anonymous and autonomous!
    I hope I may be useful to him as much as I am able too, with out having to stand on roof top of a very high building, in some big city? Saying to the world all the good things I have been doing in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit!
    Being able to be of some little help to others, without letting them, know I was the one who was so helpful to them, or I did so and so for them, or I give them so and so? You, understand my pictures, of how I God, willing I hope to be helpful for His Glory and Honor!
    By His Grace, doing it, not as the world, wants me to stand up with my head high, doing their way or ways. Using them two words His awesome ways staying out of the way! Ray, using other people, in place of me to share, His awesome blessings and praying a little here and there…
    Man, I for sure hope, that nothing will stand or block my actions for His Glory and Honor! And most of all that I can stay out of His way, and never forget where he took me out of! Ray, is not of your business what others may feel, think or trying do to you.
    You, put it as clear as clear can me, your partner is your Creator, that being the Truth, so help you God, and He is in your corner! Your actions are not about people pleaseing, in your faith! He is first things first, in your life, and all other things fall into place by His Awesome Grace!
    You, also stated that the one and only True Worlds Champion, is your true Business, I cannot help seening you and your team, in a win win situation, your doing your Fathers will, and the Fathers will is to be in the team of Jesus Christ! You, have been pick, by His Grace before America, and the whole world was made!
    Keep keeping Him, in your walk, once again I cannot help but hearing words of hope, faith, and most of all LOVE-God is LOVE. The author of darkness, did not want me to hear them blessed words. Eyes have not seen, or mind thought of or ears heard, what your Creator and ours have in store for them who do His well! Is not Jesus His will for us all in the whole world?
    Our one and only Creator, knows I can not or ever get over on him, no way! There are times I thinking really think, I am doing His will, only to realize I am truly out of focus in more ways then I thought? Thank you, for keeping as green as green can be kept by the “WORD”!
    Also thank you, for welcoming me, and asking me, to stay put, in your spiritual walk first and all things will fall in His place for me, that was truly healthy, what an awesome process. I cannot help my know nothing! See all them pictures you, have been bless in sharing, about the True Business In Life, one step at a time…
    Ray, the Spiritual War! Our True, and only Champion won, it on that wooden cross! So much faith, was share in them Words! I feel and felt, you have not said anything to harm any body, that your Savior had not already told you about. the war, is over! Is the business of the children of light! To keep talking to the Master, when the number is up and our one and only Father by Grace gives the Word, is a done deal.
    We have been told, the same path, he was taken up and the same path he will come down! As the eyes back when? Saw Him our one and only Champion, going back to His Father our Father, once again eyes in the future, moment, time, day, month, year? Only our Father knows will see Him coming right back, to claim it ALL!
    Ray, God-Father-Holy Spirit, knows I am saying the Truth! I had a dream, three-3-times in-3- different nights to seek first his Kindom of God, and everything else will be add, unto me! You, know the words better then me.
    Ray, I only read to feed on His word for food for my spirit! Is not easy, to stay on the up and up, thank your for I want to believe, is not by so called luck, that I been guided to read, them words tonight, my actions God, willing will talk louder the my mickey mouse words, as I feel my words are not His Words, my home made words. Of my self I am one big nothing! My the Father, bless you and your team in seeing His dream come True, for His Glory and Honor!
    I cannot seem to stop writing? Fear, is not God! When it comes of standing up for His Words-Life! I want to believe your heart, is right with your Maker, all is well for you and yours! Am I saying anything you, don’t know? I want to belive you, know where you Truly stand, worry about what others reactions are is not your business. As you put it, your about your Father’s Business!
    Ray, I must stop God, willing right here, enough out of me, God forgive me for all I have done to offend Him, in thoughts, words and actions, I do ask Him on a daily basses allow me to do Your Will, for Your Glory and Honor, peace my Brother in Christ Jesus. God, help us all, for we know not what we do? O, yes thank you again for sharing the healing blood of your Savior in your growth. In my humble insight, your words are power of examples…

    • I appreciate you for sharing so deeply from your heart – God bless you mightily!

  • angel antonio alicea

    I am lost for words, what I am saying is I lost what I started to share with you, on every word, you where bless with. Thank you, God bless you for His Glory and Honor, may He bless you, like you have not as yet dream of?

    God-Father, forgive me if I am going to say something out of order and offend any body in this whole world, www! Ray, so help you God, I am very thankful for every world that came out of your mouth!

    For me them words are food for my spirit, I truly hope I stay in touch with you, for I too need a team of souls who profess they are part of the team, that God-Father, by the Grace of His Son! Have been made children of God! Christ, has won the war! We need not fear! That is what my mind says to me.
    Now my actions are like the living soul I am who needs to feed on such blessed words of hope for a man that lacks faith! I had a dream, many years ago, word for word what God’s Words share, with us all! Seek his Kingdom number one and all else will be added to me, yes that was what I understood. Three-3-different nights the same thoughts where giving to me. I believe what he started in me, he is going to finish, thank you so very much, God bless us all in doing his will in his Son.

    I find the talk is easy but living it is a serious challenge, keep saying to my self over and over I can do all things through Christ that gives me the power and stronger is He in me then he in the world. Ray, you profess that you believe please pray for me and my sons, that I may be a power of example to them in my livng His ways in my life. Thank you. I hope some day God, willing that being the case that you are a child of light, I can also share. The spiritual war, has already been won! I must keep on claiming in His name, for there is not other name? Thank once again

    • Thank you – and may the Lord bless you and your sons!

  • Ray McArthur

    Hi Ray
    I want to thank you I have attended some of
    your webinars and noticed at the end you would
    give glory to GOD I liked that in a time when so many are
    afraid to show their love and faith.

    I received an email from you about Armand Morin’s Free two day event (Success Leaves Traces )
    in Los Angeles I went and had a great time,learned a lot met Larry Winget I love his book
    It’s Called Work For A Reason. Armand Gave from his Heart

    I wanted a way to thank you for the invitation and shortly after the event I received you email
    about your Mission.

    You have always over delivered and I will help spread the W.O.R.D. ( working on real development)
    The big boat has a hole in it and we can blame each other or work together to fix it.
    I’m good with my hands and I like to Fix Stuff count me in

    • Wow – thank you SO MUCH Ray.

      I’m glad you benefited from Armand’s stuff – he’s a very smart man and I still learn from him.

      Thanks for your support!

  • Hi Ray,
    As I sit hear reading this I’m filled with joy and gratitiude that the Lord led me to you. It was through Carrie Wilkerson and I believe Paul Evans that I found your site, and I was immediately drawn to your posts. Now I know why. 🙂 Kindred spirits, same belief system, same beautiful God. Thanks for having the courage to speak the truth in love, and you can bet I’ll be continuing to follow your posts. I have felt so confused at times lately because I have such a strong desire for financial freedom, and I’ve felt that God was putting this in my heart, yet I felt “evil” for desiring money. But it’s all about motive isn’t it?! And if my motive is so I can be free to let His abundance flow through me for every good work, then maybe some of the teachings I’ve heard in the past aren’t exactly true.

    Thanks again for such a couregeous post – you have no idea how much it meant to me to read this this morning.

    Ginny Edwards

    • Thank you Ginny – your message is very encouraging to me!

  • Randy VanderVeen

    You nailed it Ray!
    I applaud your courage to do what you know to do be the right thing to do, not only for yourself, but for the good of so many “wandering” people online. It’s easy to get caught up in all the hype. But the internet and all our worldly possessions will pass away when Christ returns soon to gather His people.
    I have spent far too much time in front of my computer at home at the expense of my family. And For What?…No More!
    Thanks for reminding me to keep my priorities in the right place Ray.
    You must feel extremely liberated and excited to have thrown this out there.
    Even though Satan is allowed to use the internet to spread his filth, God will also use it through Christians like us to spread His word and gather His church from the four corners of the earth.

    Randy VanderVeen

    • Amen! And you’re right, it is liberating. Where the Spirit of the Lord is – there is freedom!

  • Jay White

    Excellent read, my friend. Ray’s the real deal, folks–he walks the walk and talks the talk. And he knows of which he speaketh. 🙂


    • Jay,

      You honor me, brother, and I am grateful.


  • Susan OBanion

    My heart resonates, Ray!

  • Anonymous

    Magnificent summary Ray. I totally agree with the 2 mindsets.

    One of my passions is to bring the balanced, Bible based “Success/Personal Development” principles to the young people of Latin America, where the poverty mindset abounds.

    The church should be ahead in every area of life – they should be the leaders and teachers (and some are, you included). Thanks so so much for letting the “cat out of the bag” – I love it, and support you in every way. Blessings – Jill

    • Jill,

      I appreciate you! And I really agree with you on this part in particular:

      “The church should be ahead in every area of life”

      We have the “mind of Christ!” So we should be leading the field.

    • JimZaccaria

      I applaud and support you in your mission to enlighten the youth of their Power in Christ. It’s a Travesty that the Church has [over the years] downplayed, or Not revealed the Entire Truth of the Scriptures for so long in an effort to control the people. What a Great Awakening we are Now a part of – Extreme Christians On Fire For Christ are Emerging And Speaking Out Everywhere! I believe we Will See “Acts” Christianity become more commonplace in the days to come.

      • Wow – the “Acts” brand of Christianity in modern days. What would that look like? Let’s DO it and find out!

  • Lisa Justrightcopy

    Ray, this post rocks. You rock. Thanks for your boldness in speaking out.

  • Phew. You went and said it at last. It’s true.

    God made it all, he knows how it all works. He wants you to be blessed to be a blessing to others around you. That’s just the start too!

  • Dear Ray,

    I first met you at the first PLM event and I asked you to be my mentor! I knew something was different then. I thank you for the great “coming out”. As a online marketer and a spiritual seeker in the tradition of Christian Mystics, I can full heartedly confirm your observation about the state of internet marketing. For me, the Kingdom of God is not something up there to be visited after our death but it’s a state of union with the Divine right now. In that state, we act from God’s will and qualities such as loving kindness, patience, true service, integrity and compassion will flow through our work. As someone who teaches others about building sustainable online businesses, I I feel so strongly that these inner qualities can and should be reflected in EVERYTHING we do.

    From writing copy to pricing our products to thinking through the user experience of our trainings, we have the chance to bring Love into all elements of our work.
    From that view point, we can counter greed and poverty instantly. If we work from the abundance of divine Love and serve with all our hearts, we are and will be taken care off.
    We are, if we choose to, God’s arms and legs (and hands, and fingers that type ;-)) and aligned with God’s will, we are more powerful than ever imaged.

    This sounds maybe like empty words but I can say from my own experience that after I got this part, this simple insight, my business and life has taken on a depth of meaning unimaginable before.

    In stillness and quietness I find rest in God’s arms and with it strength to use my skills as marketer and business-builder to reach thousands, serve them and empower them through the love that shines through my work. To me, that is a truly sustainable business model!

    From my heart to to yours Ray and yes, I will follow your work.
    Blessings, Christiane

    For those who are drawn to a life as a modern-day mystic in the early Christian tradition, my blog at might give you the right tools to begin.

    • Thanks Christiane, while I’m not sure we agree 100% on all things spiritual (I’m also not sure we DON’T), I do know I appreciate your loving and kind spirit. Thank you so much for posting here, and for reading!

  • Clarke Echols

    I received a comment from someone blasting anyone who talks “prosperity Christianity” and quoting various Bible passages to justify his position. It appears the comment has been deleted.

    However, the issues raised expose a number of screwed-up notions that pervade the world of Christians who like to demonstrate their “humility” and “worthiness” through their lack of the
    world’s goods.

    The camel and eye of the (a) needle is often blasted as an urban myth, but anyone with a lick of sense should be able to readily question whether Christ was talking about a sewing needle. There was in Jerusalem (and also in Damascus and likely elsewhere) a small gate, sufficient for a person to get through when the larger main gates were closed as they would be if the city was being attacked. This provided good defense, while allowing the passage of individuals on an as-needed basis.

    For a camel to get through such a gate, it would be necessary to unload it, carry the goods through, then perhaps replace them for further transit. So it is with those who persue riches — especially for the sake of riches and not to help build the Lord’s Kingdom.

    [Note: In my previous post, I said the one who dies with the most toys still wins. I mis-typed. I intended to say: The one who dies with the most toys still dies, and remains accountable for his misdeeds in acquiring them, if there were any.]

    The suggestion that Christ was homeless his entire adult life is also an obvious error if a minimal amount of thought is applied. Jewish law at the time required that a Rabbi (which Christ was called by Pharisees and others) must be 30 years old before that title could be applied.

    [The law also required that he be married, but I won’t open that can of worms here.]

    His ministry lasted from when he was age 30 until 3 years later at the age of 33 when he was crucified.

    His instruction to the rich young ruler that he sell all he had and follow Him would reasonably be interpreted as an invitation to greater humility and perhaps an opportunity to be of greater service. God does not require a vow of poverty in order to be called righteous.

    Christ indeed said, “Strait is the gate and narrow the way that leads to eternal life,” but he’s referring to personal righteousness and doing the right things for the right reasons because that’s
    why we’re here. One is not magically “saved” for eternity by simply having a “born again” experience. To obtain the rewards God has in store for us requires that we be obedient to the commandments (Christ talks about us being rewarded “according to our works”, but salvation (the privilege of living with God in a future life) comes through the grace of Christ. And it is by the grace of Christ that we are enabled to be more productive and more successful in the ways of mortal life.

    But it will ever be true that those who truly follow Christ and his teachings will have opportunities visited upon their heads as they seek to be of greater service to others, rather than accumulating to themselves massive wealth (as seems too often to be the motivation behind people buying lottery tickets — they’re not looking for a means to help others; they want to “hit the big one!”).

    It’s interesting in copywriting that the most effective copy is always that which is written in a way to demonstrate the business sponsoring the copy is more interested in solving the prospect’s problem than in stashing a huge cache of cash.

    The corrupt “rich folks” behind a lot of the political corruption we see every day sometimes act as if they’re “for the little guy”, but in the end, they may well end up like the rich man who saw Lazrus blessed for his life of poverty while the rich man declined the opportunity to relieve his situation.

    “Even as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” is a source of magnificent blessings as I’ve found from experience.

    But I’ve learned a lot of people are living in squalor because they simply aren’t willing to improve themselves, and for that, those who are focused on creating opportunity for those less fortunate by improving their own ability to contribute to a better society will reap great treasures of wisdom and other good things as a reward.

    Onward and Upward!


    • Clarke,

      There have been some really NASTY responses to what I posted here. If one of them was in reply to a thread you started, you may have seen it before I deleted it.

      It’s not that people aren’t entitled to their own opinion, and I will even approve responses that differ from my opinion — but not if they are disrespectful, mean-spirited, faith-destroying, or reflect poorly on Christ. He said the world would know we are His disciples by our love “for one another”, and I won’t participate in “debates” (code word for “flame war”) that demonstrate the opposite.

      For those who might think it’s unfair of me to disapprove certain comments… think of this site as if it were the living room of my house. Am I obliged to allow people to come into my living room and dump mud and dirt all over the place, just to be “fair”? I think the answer is “no”. Everyone is free to start their own site, where they can say whatever they like.

      I do appreciate your words here, and I appreciate you!

  • Veejai

    Ray, I have no doubt that you will be richly blessed for having written this post. It certainly was refreshing and encouraging to me! Thank you. I am on many lists, and even though I began learning about copywriting and online business models several years ago I’ve never been certain which “experts” are actually successful and have the desire to pass on their knowledge to help others gain a similar level of success, and which ones totally lack integrity and have just selected a “niche” because of its track record for high earning levels. None of them seem to cover ‘little’ details like setting up hosting or actually getting Google Analytics to work, both of which are pretty important, so guess they all must outsource those tasks.
    Anyway, it’s good to know there’s one expert that I can feel good about not unsubscribing from. I hope I’ll one day achieve success from continuing my efforts, because I truly believe that the Internet and it’s potential for anyone with a marketable skill set to pursue can be the force that will bring our country back from the brink of financial disaster. My focus is on helping people with physical disabilities realize they can turn their lives around utilizing the Internet as a means to earn a living. I just have to prove it first!
    God hasn’t healed me, but He has blessed me with solutions that manage my disease and chronic pain, and with a sharp mind. So, with the exception of a couple of processes I haven’t yet mastered I should be well on my way. God Bless!

    • God bless YOU, my friend, and I pray that He does heal you!

  • Ray:

    I grieved recently as the Clayton Makepeace Total Package ezine died. For 5 years, Clayton and other well know people would talk about marketing, copywriting and related topics. Unfortunately, when he shut down the blog, he also shut down the archives.

    One of my favorite TV programs each Sunday is the Joel Osteen show. He talks a similar Christian message that you do. I love his show. I wish you well in this new direction.


    • Thank you so much for these words! I too was saddened that Clayton shut down and took down the archives. That was a real loss for the online marketing community.

      Thanks again Randy!

  • Seth, you’re right, I did stick my neck out. Some will insist on thinking it’s an “angle” (I’ve gotten numerous emails to that effect), but you know that’s not so. The thing is, I am indeed a fool for Christ’s sake. And if I boast, I boast in Him. And since everything falls under His authority, I think that’s a winning trade!

    Thank you Seth.

    To His Glory!

  • And you and yours!

  • Thank you Bryce, from the bottom of my heart!

  • Thank you Laurent!

  • Andrew, thank you so much for this. It is a great encouragement to me!

  • Congratulations Ray for professing your faith to the world.

    As you know, I’m also dedicating much of my resources to Christian activities. Next month I’ll be traveling to Kenya, Africa to open a new school there that I helped to build.

    And I recently launched to profess my faith in an inspiring way. My goal is to have 10’s of thousands of followers on Facebook for that site.

    We should all do our part in our own small part of our vineyard. 🙂


    • Thank you David – and your site looks awesome! You’re a real inspiration.

  • Weswyatt

    Great post Ray! I KNOW the blessings I have come from that of my faith! Have a DYNAMITE day!

    • Thanks Wes – and you have a dynamite day too!

  • Mark

    Great post Ray. Too many people separate their business lives from their spiritual lives.

    Your post reminded me of John 12:42-43, “Yet at the same time many even among the leaders believed in him. But because of the Pharisees they would not openly acknowledge their faith for fear they would be put out of the synagogue; for they loved human praise more than praise from God.”

    Mark Hing

    • Wow Mark – thanks! Your message popped up at just the time I needed to hear it. Just an example of how God speaks to us through others!

  • Radiowarrior1

    Wham! Bang! Boom! Boom! Boom! Here comes the Christian warrior poet! What a coming out party. Statement of faith. Well written with nice teases! I am in. So timely for my life, I have been looking to honor God more with the creativity he has loaned me. I have been praying for this all week and BANG!! Here he is. Thanks for the disclosures and sharing your faith and your trials.What is next???Your former radiohead ! GTG!(Glory to God)Ed Hill

    • Heeeey Ed! Man it’s great to hear from you. I’m outta the office this week – let’s catch up on the phone next week. Would love to hear what’s going on in your neck of the woods!

  • Ray,

    Your courage is commendable. Your heart is admirable. Your vision is attainable.

    Thank you for taking this bold stand.

    In a post on my blog a few weeks ago, I (inspired by a search query that directed traffic to my site) named a few Christian copywriters that I trust and recommend. Naturally, you were one of the few that made the list.

    Keep pressing, and may good and perfect gifts continue to come into your life from the Father of lights (James 1:17)!

    • Thank you Donnie – both for including me on that list and for this message, too!

  • “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace: whoever speaks, as one who speaks oracles of God; whoever serves, as one who serves by the strength that God supplies—in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. To him belong glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.” (1 Peter 4:10-11)

    “In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” (Acts 20:35)

    “For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Galatians 5:13-14)

  • Christopher Dittemore

    Ray!I’ve studied a lot of the great copywriters, but I’ve never found one who had the “Spiritual Truth” also. Looks like God has found my guy :)We’re doing a lot for the glory of Christ brother. I’m with you on this project. I’d like to talk to you more about where you’re headed, how I can help, and if you can help me in my own projects.I’m on my own personal mission of helping families work from home and helping people reach Gods call in their life.If you have time and the Spirit indicates there is a synergy with our giftings, please shoot me an email.

    Christopher Dittemore

  • Hi Ray – If I was to create a new Linkedin group specifically for Christian copywriters, direct marketers and Internet marketers, would you be interested in joining it? I’m thinking it might be a great place to share encouragement and advice, and to hold each other accountable in making our business efforts part of His Kingdom. Let me know if this is something worth creating.

  • I would love to hear the unsubscribe rate from that one 🙂 sure is a message that will divide the masses.

    I have a hard time combining the prosperity and God thinking though. At least if prosperity equals monetary wealth. I kind of believe that God wants us to have peace of mind and a rich life, be it in monetary wealth or not.


    • Thanks Simon – I believe the same thing.

  • Appreciate your holy boldness, Ray. Nearly a month ago, the Lord put on my heart to teach 1000 people/families how to earn an extra $1000 per month with the tools he’s provided me through my business. Although I’m not in the IM space, your declaration of facilitating 1000 people to become millionaires served as a confirmation to me that the time is now for both of us to be about His business in making this happen.

    Stay blessed, my friend

  • Scottkrech

    Have heard of you and your ‘legendary’ copywriting skills before :). But recently found you (again) through a mutual friend Martin Howey. Great post BTW. Just AWESOME!

  • D.S. Hebert


    I commend you for taking a stand for Jesus Christ in this industry. Most marketers in the internet marketing space either subscribe to a new age flavored belief system and philosophy or, if they are believers, hide their faith because somebody sent them a flaming email.

    The only other marketer I know of who is open about his faith is Terry Dean, who I also admire.

    We need more marketers in IM that are believers. This will most certainly bring vast improvements to products and services offered on the internet because the people offering them know they are held accountable, not by “the universe” but by God Almighty, for their actions. This can only lead to greater value and customer satisfaction in the long run.

    You just made a fan out of me! Thank you for your openness. I find it very refreshing.

    Dean Hebert

  • The cat’s out of the bag indeed. Every word you wrote vibrated personal truth, and only good can come out of that. Well Done.

  • Bratkoeh

    This is the life we were created for. Thanks for sharing and multiplying.

    • That’s what I believe too! Thanks Bratkoeh.

  • Thanks Ray for that. Very encouraging. Honestly speaking, being a Christian has been a hang-up for me in getting started online…

    Most of the tactics used and touted by a major portion of the gurus are pretty dishonest at best and extremely manipulative at worst… Didn’t want to be a part of that.

    On the other hand, I didn’t want to be viewed as a money hungry person when I used online marketing to free myself up enough to do ministry full time… Needless to say, I am still relatively stuck. Seeing you come out with it is encouraging. Thankyou, again for helping me. That’s two chalked up (haven’t had the loot to ‘buy’ any other help from you [I do see products as help, by the way]).

    The first help I speak of is a little gesture you did on twitter, when a random guy asked about “sensations” in copywriting and you directed me to E. Schwartz’s “Breakthrough Advertising”.

    Fred Beers

    • Thanks for sharing Fred – it’s good to hear I have been of some help. More to come!

  • Ray, I do love the parable of the workers in the vineyard who are all paid the same wage, no matter what time of day they started. The early workers complained that was unfair. The ones who worked less should be paid less. The landowner’s (Jesus’) reply: “…Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my own money? Or are you jealous because I am generous?”

    To me, this says several things: 1. God’s grace and love for our success. 2. He’s generous. 3. Wise use of resources. 4. You get what you ask for. 5. The time to start is now…

    Well done, Ray!

    • Thanks Andy – and great analysis of that parable!

      Sent from my iPad

  • Jack

    Hi Ray: What the gospel says is the true way of prosperity. It is what gives us hope. God wants us to do all we can, make all we can and become a kingdom builder. We must go about our father’s business and his business is to win souls. But, it takes enormous resources to win souls and do our father’s business. So, he wants us to prosper and gain wealth so we can present our first fruits to him and to help get folks over to his way of doing things. When Jesus came to earth, God, once and for all did away with the “Duality” theory. We became Abraham’s seed through Christ and the Bible tells us that we have an inheritance. Material wealth is one part of that inheritance. Jack

  • Curtis

    Kudos to you, Ray!

    It takes a great deal of courage to do this. I just read Matthew 10 this morning and in verse 33 Jesus says, “Everyone who denies me here on earth, I will also deny before my Father in heaven.” Your welcome into His presence, without a doubt, will be accompanied by a “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

    I am proud of you for taking this stand. Now, may all of us who call ourselves by that Name go and reflect more of the same.


  • it’s worrying when believers fear openly declaring Jesus Christ as Lord for fear of offending. Thank God for this break through and our growing militantcy not in the form of physical violence but an awareness that the persecution of Christ was an example for us to follow if we say we are His followers.