Three Ways to Get New Clients… Today

Like so many things in life, getting new clients is not nearly as complicated as we sometimes like to make it. Here are three ways you can get new clients (whether your freelancer, a consultant, or a salesperson)… and get them today.

1. Call previous clients and ask for business. I know. Seems simple when I say it, doesn’t it?

2. Answer your e-mail. I mean, really answer it. Look for opportunities to help people with questions they didn’t even realize they were asking. Usually, it’s easy to identify what problems people are having if you just pay attention to what they’re actually saying. Look through that inbox again, and look for opportunities to serve; these often lead to opportunities to get paid.

3. Call people in your network. Pick up the phone, call people you know, and simply tell them: “I’m looking for business. Do you know anybody I might be able to help with my services?”

Nothing glamorous here. Just good, old-fashioned, uncompromising hard work. Gets the job done.

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