To Sell More, Use Proof

proof.jpgThe Story: The biggest mistake most online marketers make is not offering enough proof in their marketing.

The Point: To dramatically increase your sales, offer a preponderance of proof.

You should use several different types of proof in your selling process.

The Resource: Answers

3 Quick Ways to Prove Your Marketing Claims:

1. Customer testimonials.
2. Third-party endorsements.
3. Case Studies.

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6 thoughts on “To Sell More, Use Proof

  1. This sounds great Ray and is commonsense for people like you but when you are just starting out we have no proof or testimonies etc. so how do we validate what we are doing on our website?

    • Three ideas on how to get testimonials:

      1. Give away samples in exchange for feedback.
      2. Sell at a low price (huge discount) in exchange for feedback.
      3. Get feedback from people about your previous work (when you worked with or for them, for instance).

  2. The short answer is: get some testimonials! I did a post and podcast on how to get testimonials and you can access it here.

    Beyond that, look for authority citations that back up your ideas, premise, or service. Cite your sources, and make sure you choose sources that provide you with “instant authority” (ie, the American Medical Association, the New York Times, AARP, etc.). Make sure you’re within your rights to make the citation, and never imply an endorsement where none exists.

    Hmmm… perhaps a future podcast is in order?

  3. Going to have to explore the approach to doing case studies. Not too familiar with how to do that, esp in the context of the business plan I’m working thru.

    Good thought provoking post Ray. Gonna hop over and listen to the post you linked to in your comment above.