Triple Your Creativity Instantly

In my experience, creative ideas coming out are in direct correlation to the amount of new, interesting, and even challenging information coming in.

Most people just view/listen to/read the same stuff every day.

Be different. Consume information, ideas and viewpoints that cause unconscious creativity through agitation.

  1. Read something every day you don’t normally read.
  2. Consider a viewpoint opposite yours on some crucial issue each day.
  3. Go to a new place, eat a new food, talk to a new person each day.

The more you “challenge” yourself and get out of your comfort zone, the more quantity of quality new experience you put into  your head… the more creativity will spontaneously pour forth.

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8 thoughts on “Triple Your Creativity Instantly

  1. Ray,
    You are spot on !! This is a philosophy I have live by for years. Not only will this feree up your creativity but it will also work wonders to reducung stress and anxiey. In fact I have just had my first book published on this very subject, and would greatly appreciate any comments you might have to offer; check out the book's website at

    R.L. Hill
    PS I'm a huge fan

  2. Great points Ray! Just this morning I forced myself to read an article just because it would give me a different perspective on things that I already do everyday. Works like a charm.