Video: How To Subscribe To Feeds

One question I get asked quite often: “How do I subscribe to a podcast/RSS feed?”

Here’s the answer…

Watch the Video – Click Here.

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5 thoughts on “Video: How To Subscribe To Feeds

  1. Nice job with that tutorial Ray. What system did you use for that capture? Software? or a camera?

    I’ve been looking at Camtasia, but as you know it’s a Windows app for now–though one is in the works for Macintosh.

    Here is another great explanation of RSS feeds. The Lefever’s do an awesome job with these paperworks videos

    Check out the other ones as well. They have a great newer one on blogs as well. The zombies one is a kick!

    I’ve emailed back and forth with them a bit. Their business is really taking off right now. Their a Seattle company—Lee and Sasha—doing this from their home. Big clients. They’ll be attending the VizThink conference in San Fransisco in January. The *day job* may send me to it. Great holistic conference on the power of visual presentations in this era of media 2.0.

  2. Ed, thanks for that commoncraft link. I really like that paperwork video format. They must be huge Southpark fans.

    Techsmith the owners of Camtasia are offering free versions of Camtasia 3.0 to get more people used to it so they will upgrade to their new 5.0 version. It normally sells for ~$300.

    For this offer you have to first download a trial version.

    Then you have to fill out a simple name/state/country/email form and they will send you a key to unlock it to the full version.

    Even if you can’t run it right now, you might want to snag it and a key while you can. You may decide to try a dual boot Mac with both OS-X and XP.