In this video, one of my copywriting clients (Frank Kern) interviews another of my copywriting clients (Tony Robbins). Some truly great insights in this video, and it’s all to promote Tony’s new book, Money: Master The Game | 7 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom. 

For a short time, you can receive Tony’s book for almost free – it will retail for $28, but if you pay the $6.95 shipping fee, he’ll send you the book for free.

Here’s the fine print: “All of the author’s profits of this book have been donated in advance by the author, which in conjunction with an additional personal donation, will feed 50 million meals to people in need this year.” Pretty cool, right? Click here to see if any free books are still available.

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One thought on “Frank Kern Interviews Tony Robbins

  1. Ray – quick question – I’m just wondering as believer what you think about guys like Tony Robbins. I ordered his book and have read some of his previous books (Awaken the Giant Within, etc), but I’ve heard you say (and I agree) that personal development usually fails because it leaves out the most important thing – a relationship with God through Christ. Tony has developed all kinds of personal tools over the years for personal growth but it’s all devoid of Christ. And yet – I still love the guy. I think he’s amazing. I’m just wondering how you view such gifted people like Tony who gives no indication, at least publicly, that he’s a believer. That’s a big question for a blog comment – but I thought I’d throw it out there anyway. Maybe it might make for a good podcast topic (wink wink)!