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5 thoughts on “Learn Anything Fast

  1. Thanks for this Ray – it was very inspirational. I’m finding more and more I’m learning the truth of this.

    This last week I’ve been teaching myself how to read more efficiently with combinations of previewing, mind-mapping and speed-reading and it’s changed my life already. The best part I’d say I’ve only put about 8hrs into it collectively so far. Plus I’ve read 2 books I’ve been meaning to read for a very long time!

    Have you read his book? Would you recommend it. I’m wondering if it adds much more to this ted talk or if I’ve got he gist of his overall message anyway.

  2. Ray,

    I’m relating this video to Tim Ferris and his book on Four Hour Chef where he writes about MED (Minimum Effective Dose) to become competent on something. He used the vehicle of cooking to do this but also applies this thinking to weight loss, learning foreign languages and ball room dancing. I’m intrigued by this as it seems to take me so long to become competent in something. This is my present frustration with internet marketing.

    I think the key to the 20 hour plan of Kaufman is the word “focused” which implies removal of distraction and overcoming frusrtation which always initially comes. For Pressfield this would be the defeat of “resistance”. To truly do this I for one think there is a spiritual aspect which has to be engaged to maintain focus and defeat “resistance”(the evil one if you will). I’m thinking that disiplines like prayer and fasting and are manifestations of Focused Practice which makes Kaufman’s thesis workable for all who DECIDE to do this.

    I’m off to practice on the guitar which is set aside 30 years ago after one hour of practice.

    thanks Ray

    BPLD (2 Tim 1:7)

    Brad Miller

  3. Thanks for sharing. Even if I want to become a super crazy expert and need to work 10,000 hours, it’s nice to know I can start out with just 20 hours. That’s a lot more motivating!