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4 thoughts on “Rick Warren On A Life With Purpose

  1. Wow…Ray, I heard about your blog through Platform University. I watched the interview you did with Michael Hyatt and I got so much value from watching it. I love your blog and look forward to learning from you.

    This video opened my eyes to think about “What am I holding in my hand?” At times I feel like God doesn’t want me to have success due to my troubled past. My view of God is a “Punishing God” not sure why I view him like that…I need to think it through.

    I need to see him as a merciful and loving God. I know how much I love my kids and how much joy I get in watching the simple things they do. I need to realize that about God towards myself.

    Thanks for sharing this video…I will have to get this book. I haven’t gone to church in years and I think reading this book will open my eyes towards the possibilities!

    Thanks again for sharing!

    One Life / One Legacy
    Thomas Joe