Wake Up Wealthy

What does it mean to be wealthy?

Does it mean to have vast amounts of material goods? Homes, cars, money?

Does it mean to be recognized, lauded, praised?

Does being wealthy mean you have great power over others, that you are able to bend them to your will?

Wealth is none of these things. These things may (or may not) be external indicators, or symptoms, of wealth. But they are not wealth itself.

Ask anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one what wealth is.

Ask anyone who struggles with a degenerative disease or terminal illness what wealth is.

They can tell you.

Wealth has nothing to do with external circumstances, and has everything to do with internal reality.

If you don't understand what I'm talking about, you have never tested your definition of wealth.

One day you will.

Whether you want to or not.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with houses, cars, or money, they are not wealth itself. All these things deteriorate, and pass away.

Better to store up the wealth that does not pass away. That wealth is found in a knowledge of who you are, and why you are here.

When you have the true wealth, you wake up wealthy no matter what circumstances you find yourself facing.

Something worth thinking about today.

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  • Ray, you are on the mark!! Again! 🙂 When someone close to you is given the diagnosis of likely death you begin to count your opportunities to be with them. When YOU are given that diagnosis you begin to think though what really does count in life AND more important what will really count when you are gone. It happens much sooner than we ever think! 
    For me, family carrying on in the path I have pointed out means most to me. I have grandkids that need the life direction and if I am gone today, I am confident that will happen. Knowing I am prepared to stand before God…not perfect, but satisfied that since I met Christ my life has been drastically different. I would not trade that for everything in this world. 
    Living now in Africa I realize everyday that I have more than most people I meet and interact with everyday. Could I be happy if I had only what these people have? I think I could. But may I quickly say, I am very thankful everyday that I have what I do to use toward the end of making a difference. 
    I have left behind much of the comforts of home and over the 2 years I have been here, I am very glad I have. Things are not what life is all about! I will die a very happy man if I go today or 10 years from now. I just want the time I have left to count by God’s standards.
    Thanks for the reminder, that real wealth will not fade, even after death. We should all sow carefully, because our days are numbered.

    •  @dhammett Now THAT is perspective!

  • I was just listening to Tony Robbins talk about this the other night. 
    He was speaking to the idea that most people here in the United States who aren’t “Mansion” wealthy don’t realize that they are indeed wealthy. He talks about how we own the highways and how we didn’t have to sweat or break our back or rack our brains surveying and engineering in order to build them. We didn’t have to mine the oil we use to run our cars ourselves. We didn’t have to figure out how to build our home/apartment. We didn’t have to go out and forage in the wild for our food nor settle for eating bugs and rats cooked on a fire we had to start ourselves. And on and on and on. 
    When we take for granted all the riches that even the poorest of us in this nation experience it makes it very easy for us to feel shame that we don’t have more. 
    On top of the wealth I’m surrounded by, for me wealth is equated with how much value I can provide. And if there’s any kind of wealth to be ashamed of not having, this would be it. I believe a person can be wealthy in all the senses I’ve covered above but still be miserable if they, as a human, are not seen as an asset to anyone on the planet.
    But if you are here and as the result of you growing and expanding as a human, you are enhancing at least one other person’s life and they’ve become even more valuable to their world as a result of having you in their life, I say that you are wealthy at the one of the highest levels.  

    •  @Lewis LaLanne aka Nerd #2 Thanks Lewis for this thoughtful contribution!

  • MattVestrand

    My wife discovered a lump under her armpit last week.  So of course, we thought it was something horrible. 
    Turns out it is nothing.  But we were sure scared. At that moment, I would have traded absolutely everything I have just for her to be ok. 
    Thank the good Lord she is fine and in good health. 
    Instances like that make me realize how valuable our health is. And no amount of money can buy it. 
    So I agree if my family and I are in good health, we are wealthy. (Having a lot of money makes it more fun.) 
    God has made us in his image (perfect) and put everything we need to sustain that around us – if we choose to do so. It doesn’t cost much to maintain a healthy life style.  It just takes wisdom and knowledge. 
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