What Is Bad Success?

Is there actually such as thing as “bad success”?


There are two kinds of success: good success and bad success.

Good success enables us to serve God and our fellow humans. It gives us resources to help the poor, create jobs for workers, and ease the burdens of our families, customers and clients.

Bad success leads to addictions, broken relationships, and broken people. For examples of bad success, we have only to look at the headlines from Hollywood of late. We have several examples of how success and destroy people who are not “safe” for success.

What does it mean to be “safe for success”?

It means you are not vulnerable to the dangers created by the love of money, by the predominance of pride, and by the perils of misplaced priorities.

Make it your aim to be safe for success.

And then be ready for God to bless you with good success!

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