What Is Your “Speed To Profit” Ratio?

When you have a hot idea, act on it as soon as possible.

Get an inspiration for a new ad campaign? Get that campaign launched today.

Have an idea for a new book? Start writing before the sun sets tonight.

The point is, the longer you wait between inspired idea and efficient execution, the less likely you will ever complete or accomplish your great idea.

The faster you can act on an idea, the more likely it is that you will complete it — and profit from it.

The reverse is also true.

Question for you: What is your “speed to process” ratio? Do you act quickly on your ideas? Or do you collect them in a notebook, hoping you'll do them “some day/later”? How is that working out for you?

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  • AHHH! The law of diminished intent, know it well. The main reason that I am 40 and just now creating a life not dependent on what my bank account looks like is due to years of “paralysis from analysis” as Zig Ziglar always says.

  • How do you separate out the busy work from the “real” ideas and prevent becoming scattered? I still must learn to stop chasing rabbits.