When It’s Not Fun, Quit

I always said, while I was in the radio business, that when it stopped being fun I would quit.

Eventually I had to put my money where my mouth was; and I quit.

The only regret I have is that I didn’t do it sooner.

So I say to you: if you’re not having fun in your job, your work, or your business… quit.

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8 thoughts on “When It’s Not Fun, Quit

  1. this is very superficial. we all experience high and lows of enthusiasm– every job requires also periods of hard and mundane job, and every big love story becomes routine. each day we choose whether to stay or to leave. the big and in my opinion the more important question is: how to distinguish the fatigue of the mundane from the boredom which signals it’s time to move on. Perhaps more significantly the question often becomes– how can we make the mundane interesting enough to stay?

  2. Wait, what?

    You mean if I’m not having fun cold-calling to get new clients when things are low, or if I’m not having a good time working on my website, I should quit? Don’t push through any uncomfortable times?

    This definitely needs clarification

    • I draw a distinction between “temporarily uncomofortable” – and all work involves that feeling – and “not fun anymore”. If in your overall feeling about your work there is no joy, no hope, and no likely end to that condition, I think it’s time to consider moving on.

  3. lot easier said than done…not all of us have the talent,skill ,courage etc…..to just quit and try something else we love in order to make a living , especially when the economic situation is crap.. nice thought though ,but for the majority simply unrealistic.. .dont mean to sound harsh but thats just life..

    • But what if… just what IF… there was an alternative? Does just the possibility raise your level of hope? What if you simply had the belief that you DID have the talent,skill ,courage etc? Because I believe you do. I believe we ALL do, that we were made that way by our Creator. And I think that gives us freedom.

      • hey Ray,
        Appreciate your sentiment that we should be aiming to enjoy ourselves much more & aiming to do what we love ..but at the same time we shouldnt kid ourselves though is all i am saying..keep up the good work

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