Why Businesses Go Broke

It’s not because they don’t offer value.

It’s because they don’t communicate the value they do, in fact, offer.

Question worth pondering: how much time should you spend focusing on improving your product vs. improving your marketing?

Deeper question worth pondering: how can you improve your product in a way that automatically also improves your marketing?

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3 thoughts on “Why Businesses Go Broke

  1. Very good point. I guess the most succesful businesses either just focus on one area because it's a pre-determined strategy or they manage to juggle both together successfully. If businesses just focus on one of these areas and neglect the other in an unplanned manner I guess that's where the potential trouble lies.

  2. Hey Ray,

    Short and sweet hey! It's a great question I believe both areas can always do with some tweaking.

    Thanks for the thought.

    Billee Brady

  3. So true! I think that's where most e-commerce businesses could improve…disclosing their unique selling proposition to their potential customers.