Why You Should Start More Fights

Every time I publish something I have strong feelings about, no matter how hard I try to word those feelings with civility, someone is provoked. It often starts a fight.


If no one ever objects to what you write, what you say, or what you do… it's possible you're not writing, saying, or doing anything of significance.

Strong ideas challenge people.

All powerful communication offends someone.

I think of this as Fight Club for the Brain.

I don't want to fight for the sake of striking blows, but as the Great Storyteller writes, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17)

I'm not suggesting that you be provocative merely for sport.

But I am suggesting that if no one is provoked by what you say, it's possible that no one is paying attention.



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  • I couldn’t agree more.

    Excellent, concise written post.



  • You don’t want to fight about it? 😉

  • I challenge your brain to a duel – right now. Meet me out back.

    Great post.

    • Alright. But you know the first Rule of Fight Club…

  • Ray,
    I’m in Chicago at Internet Prophets. Just heard Joel Comm talk about being at your event.

    • Joel gave an awesome talk at our event, and he’s a good friend. On another note, I was recommending your “Wisdom Meets Passion” to the attendees at my workshop this weekend! Love that book!

  • “I totally disagree with this post.” (Said no one). It is a great point. Too often our PC world makes us want to conform or write to please versus write to challenge (in a positive and constructive, growth minded sort of way).

  • William McPeck

    Fight Club for the Brain. I love it!

  • If two people always agree on every point, one of them is unnecessary.

  • I would love to pick a fight with the person who is doing your coding (is that you?) Humm Do you see what you should not be seeing? 😉
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