World Cup Predictions For Marketers

world-cupIf you’re aware of the world around you (meaning: outside the USA), you know one of the hottest topics right now is the World Cup.

I don’t have any predictions about who will win… but I do have a World Cup prediction: it will be hot news until it’s over.

That may sound obvious, but there are a couple of lessons marketers could learn if they pay attention.

  1. Events (like the World Cup) can capture attention – even of those who are not normally interested. If you can’t create your own “World Cup” – and I submit that you might not want to discard the possibility out of hand – you could certainly capitalize on the events that already have the attention of your audience, yes?
  2. The World Cup did not sneak up on anyone. It was on the calendar over a year ago. How many “events” could you tie your marketing to that are coming  up in the next 12 months? How many of them are already firm dates on the calendar of all your prospects (think Holidays and big sporting events, possibly movies/books and seasonal events like “back to school”, etc.).

Just sayin.

And writing copy and marketing materials for these events becomes drop-dead simple. I even have a product that can help – – but that’s not even the point.

The point is: it’s almost too late to capitalize on the World Cup.

But it’s not too late to drag out your calendar and cook up a promo for, say, the Fourth of July.

And so on.

Will you? We’ll see.

Ray Edwards is a world-renowned copywriter and communications strategist, writing for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business including New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Tony Robbins. Ray is a sought-after speaker and author, hosts a popular weekly podcast, and blogs at

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  • The only problem is that FIFA are very keen to protect their image rights and avoid ambush marketing.

    the story of the 36 beautiful girls and Bavaria Beer was interesting and FIFA's over-reaction has meant far more publicity.

    • Good point – though it's easy to come up with marketing ideas that capture the zeitgesit without infringing on anyone else's rights. For instance, if you sell blenders you could easily hold your own “Whirl Cup” promo… and that same name might work for a swing dance school or an appliance store that sells Whirlpool appliances.

      Your point is well taken, though, Paul, and I appreciate your comment.

  • Ray, here's a story that is somewhat related, and shows how generating content related to news can reap benefits long after the fact. I wrote a story in December about a local person that had been in the news. It had nothing to do with business. It was a very personal and heartfelt post. 2 days ago, CNN called me. They were doing a story and my post came up number 3 in their research. They wanted to use me as a source. When I wrote the post, I had no idea that a simple post like that would garner the attention of a worldwide news organization, but lo' and behold, there I was having a conversation with a CNN reporter while he's on the other end of the phone combing through my blog. Your post is right on target. Thanks for the great ideas.

    • Wow Steve – what a great story and a great inspiration. Thanks for sharing that with us!

  • The best part is that the World Cup brings so many more lessons during its play.