Write 3 Killer Headlines In 3 Minutes

If you’ve studied copywriting very long, you know that the most important copy on the page is the headline; that’s because the headline is the ad that gets prospects to read the rest of the ad.

How can you write effective headlines if you’re not a professional copywriter? Simple – use “template” headlines as starting point.

I’ve provided 3 template headlines below. Fill in the blanks as appropriate for your product offer. You may need to do some re-wording to make the headline work for your product–but you’ll be off to a good start.

Give Me (amount of time) And I’ll Give You (benefit of product)

Give Me 3 Minutes, And I’ll Show You How to Write 3 Killer Headlines

If You Can (something simple prospect can do), Then You Can (benefit product can produce)

If You Can Send And Receive Email, Then You Can Make Money With My Email Marketing Course

Who Else Wants To (benefit product produces)?

Who Else Wants To Double Your Sales — And Triple Your Time Off?

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5 thoughts on “Write 3 Killer Headlines In 3 Minutes

  1. I’ve seen the “Who else wants to…. so many times that ir think it is beginning to give away the writer as a novice or being run of the mill. Granted, sometimes it is appropriate as in
    “Who Else wants to Voice their Opinion on how our President is handling the situation in Iraq?” otherwise, I’d consider an alternative expression.

  2. Francis, I respect what you’re saying – I’m tired of reading it too. But I still use it because if you test it against other headlines it still seems to be a fairly consistent winner.

    I do think the “internet marketing” crowd has become somehwat desensitized to this particular headline (even in that market it still works) — but try it in a “regular” market and it still works like magic.