You Are A Limited Resource

The more value you have to offer, the more demand others will place on you.


The more value you place on serving, the more tempted you will be to supply what others demand. This seems good, but there is one problem…

…you are a limited resource. Which means eventually the supply (you) will be exhausted by the demand (others).

At that point, everyone ceases to be served.

In order to serve at the highest level, for the longest possible time, you must preserve the resource.

What this means:

  • Not everyone who wants “just five minutes” from you can have it.
  • Not everyone who wants to partner with you on a business or a project gets a “yes”.
  • Not everyone who makes a request of you, or a demand on your time/money/energy, gets their request granted.

You must preserve the resource (you) and learn to say “no”

Most people will not be happy with your boundaries.

That’s why most people fail to establish and enforce them.

Be different than most people.

Because you are a limited resource, and we need you.

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6 thoughts on “You Are A Limited Resource

  1. And being a limited resource opens up the opportunity to build a business of your own to satisfy the growing demand (resource) of what you have to offer 🙂

  2. I just read Danny Silk’s new book, “Keep Your Love On”. This post goes along with his chapter on boundaries. The needs of others do not control my choices, my priorities do!