Your House Just Burned Down

Thought-experiment time…

Let’s say your house just burned down.

And your office and all your business stuff was inside along with all your personal stuff.

Nobody was hurt – even your pets made it out just fine. And let’s say you’re doing okay with the shock of losing everything – heck, the insurance company has cut you a big fat check, so you’re not hurting for money.

Here’s the thought-experiment: you’re starting with a clean slate. Building up from scratch. How will you re-construct your life?

Most people will, after accepting the loss of things like family mementos, relish the idea of starting from simplicity and carefully building the “new” life they really want. What if you found this “new life” idea so appealing… you decided to go ahead and do it, even though your house hasn’t burned down?

What’s stopping you?

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