Your Money Or Your Life

There is a common line of thinking that you must choose between having a lot of money or having a meaningful life.

This is not an either-or proposition.

It’s a “both-and” reality.

The amount of money you have directly affects how you deal with certain requirements of life.

The amount of money you have also directly affects how much time you are required to invest in certain activities – and how much time you have free for others.

Having a lot of money – or having very little – is not “good” or “bad”.

Consciously choosing the balance of these two resources – time and money – is a major key that unlocks the door to fulfillment… or leaves you facing a closed and immovable door.

The choice — for almost everyone — is yours.

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  • jeffchavez

    Nice post Ray. Dealing with the psychology of money is tricky…but when you can finally let go of connecting happiness to having a certain amount of it…and be happy despite it; that's when things get good.

  • TRUE!

    I was raised (in church) thinking “money was bad” — root of all evil and that stuff.

    Took a while to BREAK that mindset. Started when I was exposed to personal development in my early twenties.

    Good post bro!


  • Yes, balance is so crucial! More Christians need to understand that and your doing a wonderful job teaching the Truths from the Bible about money.