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The Most Critical Component Of Your Online Success...Solved.

If you're joining Stu McLaren's TRIBE Program, or even thinking about it...You're probably very excited to start your new membership site.

After all, this is how you get recurring revenue. Having your own membership site means not starting every month at "zero dollars".

It means having the income you can count on.

It’s the key to having a low-stress business that provides you with the income, influence, and impact you really want.

But there is a dark side to this bright dream.

There is an untold story. That story is this:

Without the proper copywriting... without the power of persuasion... your membership site will fail.

This is part of the process that people don’t talk about.

This is the part you MUST NOT skip.

And there is more copywriting needed than you may think.

For instance... your new membership site will need, at a minimum:

  • Copy for the landing pages (to build your mailing list).
  • Copy for the autoresponder emails (to send to that list).
  • Copy for the sales page that gets people to pull out their debit card, and enroll in your site.
  • Copy for the script for the sales video.
  • Copy for the follow-up email sequences… the emails that welcome new users to your site, and reassure them that they had made a good decision in joining.
  • Copy for the "success path page”, inside your membership, that makes people feel at home... and explains how the membership works. Without this copy, and without it being skillfully crafted and strategically written, many people will cancel their membership.. purely out of confusion.
  • Copy for the content itself. Yes, even the description for videos inside your membership is actually copywriting: without the proper descriptions, that sell the benefits of the content inside the site, people may cancel simply because they do not perceive the value.
  • Copy that promotes "next month's content". You must find compelling ways to promote upcoming content, so that each month people have the experience of thinking, “Well, I have to keep my membership for at least one more month because I have to get THAT."
  • Renewal copy… when it comes time for people to renew their membership, whether it's monthly, or annually, you MUST be able to send renewal emails PACKED with copy. Powerful copy that persuades them that your site is worth more than they're paying for it and that they’d be crazy NOT to renew.

And the list goes on and on and on...

This is probably the most overlooked part of building a successful membership. It is also probably the second-most labor-intensive part of the process (the first being the creation of the actual site itself.)

That's why, when you enroll in the TRIBE program today using my affiliate link, I'm providing you with all the powerful, valuable, persuasive copywriting HELP and resources you need.

And when I say HELP, I mean personal help with your actual copy… from ME & Team Ray. Let's solve these vexing and potentially expensive problems for you... with MY help. Free.

With training and assistance from me & my team, worth $26,895 if you were paying for it. This is my bribe to get you to purchase through my affiliate link (I get a commission when you do).

This is what you're getting:

You Get $26,985 In FREE HELP From Me...

  1. Feedback from ME & My Team of Coaches on the COPYWRITING for your new membership site. This is live, personal feedback and help with your copy. (Estimated Retail Value $4,997)
  2. The Secret Study Group. We are now "study buddies", as we work through the TRIBE program together. (Estimated Retail Value $997)• Me & My Team as Your New Accountability Partners. I promise to hold you accountable so that you follow through. (Estimated Retail Value $997)
  3. One LIFETIME ACCESS PASS to MY new membership site. Full membership privileges. No charge. Free forever. (Estimated Retail Value $2,997)
  4. A FULL YEAR of GROUP COACHING from me. The goal: optimize the success you get with Stu's TRIBE Program. (Estimated Retail Value $1,997) 
  5. Two Free Tickets to My All-New "Copywriting Intensive VIRTUAL Workshop for Membership Sites". In this 2-day Intensive Workshop, it's just me, you, and your fellow TRIBE members who (a) joined through my affiliate link and (b) actually followed the course and have built their site. It’s virtual (done via ZOOM) … so there is no travel expense for you and you don’t have to leave home! This is a Copywriting Intensive ONLY for Membership Site Copy, and ONLY for TRIBE Members who purchase through this link.

As I said at the beginning… there’s a lot of copy to be written for your site. 

Landing page and lead magnets... webinars... launch videos... sales page copy... sales VIDEO copy... follow-up emails and autoresponders... monthly RETENTION copy... and so much more.  

We will sit down over those 2 days and just get all this copy polished off... together. 

You'll get my direct help. The real price I actually charge for these workshops is $5,000 per seat. I'm giving you TWO tickets, for a real-world, retail value of $10,000.

AND - A Complete, Top-To-Bottom, "26-Point Stress Test and Sales Potential Evaluation" of Your Membership Site. Once you have completed building your membership site… and once you have written all your copy… and once your site is almost ready to launch… my team and I will put it through our rigorous, profit-maximizing "26-Point Stress Test and Sales Potential Evaluation".  

We will evaluate your membership site, including your sales copy, for the 26 most common “potential points of failure". Not only will we identify the problems, but we will also suggest the solutions. You make the corrections or fixes - and then you launch with the highest possible probability of success.

Our retail price for this one service is a $5,000 flat fee. But when you buy TRIBE through my affiliate link today, you get this bonus incentive, plus all the others, at absolutely no charge.


(By the way, if you have already purchased TRIBE through my link, don't worry. We are hooking YOU up with these NEW bonuses automatically. Because we're cool. Like Fonzie.)

Click here to enroll in TRIBE and accept your "ethical bribe".

I look forward to getting to know you better - and experiencing your new Membership you'll build as we go through the TRIBE program.

But you have only a short time to take advantage of this offer.


Then it’s closed for the year.

The time to start your recurring income stream is now.

The time to get the "copy problem" solved, for free, is also now.

When we need email copy written or reviewed for launches and JV launches… we call The Ray Edwards Agency… because they overdeliver!

Stu McLaren, Creator of Tribe and Searchie

Did I Mention You Pay Nothing Extra?

Just to be clear, this is an affiliate link. It does not change the price you pay for your Tribe membership. My payday comes from Stu, not from you. If you're ready to join Tribe, do it this way...Get $26,985 in additional value AND glide past your biggest hurdle with the help of me and my team.

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