REI Certified Copywriter

Adam Bird

As a thought leader, you’re the last fortress in the fields of mental, personal, and business strife. Millions are suffering today. Forty million people in the U.S. alone use anti-depressants. Seventy percent of the U.S. workforce hates their jobs. Fifty percent of businesses are gone in less than five years.

You, as a thought leader, help beat back the poison of defeat entrenched in people’s lives. You offer pathways to a better life, a better job, a better business. You are the saving grace for untold millions.

How do you reach those millions?

Traffic isn’t the problem – you can buy traffic. Products aren’t the problem – you can create a product with your phone!

The problem is influence.

Influencing someone to allow you to help is a MUST. Influence convinces your prospect you have the solution.

Creating influence is how Adam will help you.

The halls of West Point formed his grit and determination. The battlefields of Iraq tested his mettle. Most recently, the boardrooms of corporate America honed his business acumen.

Now, Adam helps thought leaders turn their ideas into money.


By writing words that sell . . . COPY.

Using copy influences your tribe to choose the life and business they desire and deserve.

No more publishing your products and then, “crickets.”

Adam helps you take your ideas and create the money and impact you desire for your business.

You have a life-giving message. Take it to the masses and impact the world.

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