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As We HELP You Build Your
Own Writing Business
"This is your ONLY chance to have me coach you on getting clients ... 
... at the BIGGEST and BEST place to find them this year -
EVEN IF you're a brand-new beginning copywriter!" 
“With Ray’s guidance, I was able to grow my copywriting business to 
over 6-figures while still running my litigation practice full-time.”
- Sara Anna Powers, Ray Edwards Certified Direct Response Copywriter
"I have made back over 3 times my investment in the first 6 months!"
- Joe Pomeroy, Ray Edwards Certified 
Direct Response Copywriter
“With Ray’s guidance, I was able to grow my copywriting business to 
over 6-figures while still running my litigation practice full-time.”
- Sara Anna Powers, Ray Edwards Certified Direct Response Copywriter

APPLY to Join the Certified Direct Response Copywriter™️ Program Now!

"I have made back over 3 times my investment in the first 8 months!"
- Joe Pomeroy, Ray Edwards Certified 
Direct Response Copywriter
Michael Hyatt
"Ray Edwards is not only a master copywriter, he is the best copywriting teacher I know. Wether you are selling a product, a service, or a point-of-view, Ray's program will give you the training you need to move your prospects to buy NOW."
Amy Porterfield
"I first met Ray when I was still working with Tony Robbins. We needed a sales letter for a new product. Hiring Ray to write that sales copy was one of the best decisions we ever made, because he nailed it. Every time we used Ray's copy, our sales went through the roof!"
Joe Barton
"Ray Edwards flat-out gets results. He has written many profitable pieces of copy for us, including our most profitable sales letter. That sales letter has brought us over $10,000,000 (million) in revenue. Ray's copy remains the undisputed champion."
"Ray Edwards knows how to ethically sell. There's nobody better. You make more sales, help more people, and feel great about the impact you're having." 
- Stu McLaren
Creator of Tribe
Here's What You'll Experience...
This SELF-PACED Coaching & Certification Experience Turns You Into a CERTIFIED Direct Response Copywriter!
In This Program You'll Receive...

(VALUE $10,000)

Get certified in as little as 6 weeks!

And, we have everything in place so you won’t be doing it alone.

Here’s what to expect...
  • Each Lesson starts with instruction from Ray. Fresh, clear, and direct. Ray gives you exactly what you need to learn key principles of writing copy that sells.
  • ​Practice your skills. We take you beyond theory and feel-good conversations. You’re here to learn techniques that will make you money (and help you build a lifestyle.)
  • ​Live monthly copy coaching from our Certified Coaches. Ask questions, get unstuck, clarify principles - whatever you need to keep moving forward.
  • ​Constructive feedback on your copy. Our Master Coaches are also Certified Copywriters. Their expertise is what you’ll want as you take your copywriting to the next level.
This is your pathway to becoming Certified in the best Copywriting Certification training on the market. This is how you can do it in just 6 weeks.
13 Comprehensive Trainings from Ray Edwards

(VALUE $6,497)

As a Ray Edwards Certified Direct Response Copywriter™️ in training, you will receive a new deep-dive copywriting course in EACH Session! This is the core curriculum of the certification program (as always, subject to Constant & Never-Ending Improvement & Revision)

Here's what that looks like...
  • ​​60-90 minute focused trainings per module. Broken up into bite-sized pieces that simplify the learning process.
  • Only the most valuable copywriting techniques are covered. And, just as important, skills are taught in an order that makes generating cash as a copywriter easier and faster.
  • Learn what clients want to pay you to do. We train you on marketable (and billable) skills such as writing:
               • Emails that sell
               • Ads that generate leads
               • Sales pages that convert
               • Webinars people want to attend
               • And so much more...
  • Master one of the most sought after skills to build trust and position yourself as an expert: Copy Critiques. This newly added module shows you how to:
               • Add proof without a portfolio.
               • Land big fish you thought were out                     of your league.
               • Ace every critique so clients want to                   hire you for more.
               • Showcase your expertise without                       false bravado.
               • And avoid mistakes that cost other                     copywriters clients.
               • Add proof without a portfolio.
               • Land big fish you thought were out of your league.
               • Ace every critique so clients want to hire you for more.
               • Showcase your expertise without false bravado.
               • And avoid mistakes that cost other copywriters clients.
PLUS... we'll give you FREE access to...
The 8 "QuickStart" Copywriting Templates & Guides 
Gets your winning copy ready for an ENTIRE marketing funnel, in just a few short hours. 
With a fill-in-the-blank template and detailed video guide, you'll be able to get your product or service ready for prime time within an afternoon without the bother of hiring an expensive copywriter or worrying if you're writing will actually work.

They help you get started quickly on...
  • Facebook Ads that stop your perfect prospects mid-scroll and draw them in so they can't NOT tap for more.
  • Landing Pages that make growing your list a synch.​
  • Lead magnets and Education-Based Content like Blogs, Articles, and Podcasts.
  • ​Emails that convert prospects into buyers.
  • Webinars that excite and arouse the almost insatiable desire to buy.
  • ​Sales pages that close the deal.
  • ​Voice guide to help you capture the exact style, color, tone, and texture of your client's voice.
  • ​5-Minute Client Getting Strategies so you can get your first paying clients as early as THIS WEEK!
You'll Also Receive...
1-on-1 Coaching Every Month With a Master Coach

(VALUE $4,897)

Every Certified Copywriter in training will be assigned a personal coach from the roster of Ray Edwards Master Coaches. Each month you will meet with your coach to review your assignments and receive personal attention on your copy.
Monthly Copy Craft Group Training

(VALUE $2,997)

Hosted by one of my Ray Edwards Certified Master Coaches, you'll dive even deeper into copywriting to continuously improve your Copywriting Mastery.
Intensive "Final Copywriting Challenge"

(VALUE $10,000)

This is the final hurdle you must pass through to receive your Ray Edwards Certified Direct Response Copywriter (CDRC) status.

During this REQUIRED intensive TEST, you will work to complete 3 specific copywriting assignments under the stress of a tight deadline.  This intensity is very important because you'll often have to deliver your copy to clients or for your business under a "crunch time" deadline. 

You will be guided through the process and critiqued along the way, to ensure your success.
Special Permission to Call Yourself a
Ray Edwards Certified Direct Response Copywriter™️ (CDRC™️)

(VALUE $15,000)

  • The Certified Direct Response Copywriter™️ Seal along with permission to display this seal on your website, business cards, online profiles, and other promotional materials.
  • Official Professional Accreditation in the form of the letters C.D.R.C. after your name, which stands for "Certified Direct Response Copywriter."
  • Listing and an Official Biography on the Ray Edwards C.D.R.C. Webpage where potential clients come to look for copywriters to hire.
  • Consideration for Paid Copywriting Projects within the Ray Edwards Copywriting Agency. Becoming a C.D.R.C. does not guarantee you paid work in our agency. But we do not hire anyone who is not a C.D.R.C.
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls with a faculty of experienced C.D.R.C.s who will lead the discussion, field questions, offer copy critiques, and continue your copywriter education.
  • Access to our Private C.D.R.C. Community Group to continue receiving support and camaraderie with your fellow C.D.R.C. members.
TWO Live, In-Person (Health & Travel Rules Permitting)
2-Day Workshops

(VALUE $10,000)

We will gather twice a year at the Ray Edwards "secret headquarters" (or the next coolest place we can find) for in-depth, 2-day workshops. Learning as a group of Certified Copywriters, sharing wins and losses and lessons from the field, and MUCH more!

NOTE: Due to current health rules, dates and locations remain To Be Determined. Regardless, there will be a VIRTUAL event and/or Option.

Success of Some of Our Certified Copywriters...

Lana Waters
"Within a day of getting my certification, I was hired to write an open/closed email sequence, sales page, closed/waiting list landing page copy, welcome email and to help with a Video Sales Letter and other launch copy on a large product launch project.

"Since that time, I've rewritten dozens of launch emails, landing pages and many dozens of sales pages for people launching products using Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula and who needed to make their copy more effective. And it did!"
David Mulvaney
"I became a Certified Copywriter mostly to write for my own businesses. Writing has helped add six figures in profit since last March. In the past 3 months, I've taken on 8 clients in very different fields like solar, law, accounting, real estate, coaching, and even CBD. 

I've had a blast and get paid well to write. Being a copywriter has given me choices that I would not have otherwise. The most limited resource we have is time and I see copywriting as a way to the life you've always dreamed."
Eric Bakey
"Since becoming a Certified Copywriter, I turned a simple sales letter into a wildly successful 50/50 partnership in the testosterone supplement space and launched a premium dog training business-driven entirely by direct response copy. 

Winning in the most competitive niches using strategies & tactics Ray Edwards has taught me to turn my writing into riches"
But Wait... There's More!
In the Ray Edwards Certified Direct Response Copywriter Program You'll Also Receive...
Bonus 1: The Profitable Copywriting Business
Complete Training Program

(VALUE $1,297)

In this program, you will learn the tactical skills needed to start, run, and grow a profitable writing business without stress, risk, or overwhelm.

In this 8-module course, you'll discover the secrets to...

  • Planning your writing business.
  • ​Developing the skills required.
  • Setting up your business.
  • ​Assembling your portfolio, even if you don't have one.
  • ​​Deciding what to charge.
  • ​Filling your customer pipeline.
  • ​Constructing your unique brand identity.
  • ​Scaling your writing business.
  • ​Creating legal contracts.
  • Writing proposals and handling client forms and procedures.
  • ​​The PCB Toolbox, with process maps, forms, contracts, checklists, and much more!


Bonus 2: Copy Academy Coaching Program
12-Month Access to Our Brand New Membership


  • Expert Tactical Training Each Month.
  • ​Monthly Marketing Templates.
  • Personal Copy Critiques.
  • ​Private Member's Only Community.
  • ​​Group Copy Critique Calls
  • Mindset Group Training and Coaching
  • ​Q&A Office Hour Group Sessions
  • ​Sales Copy System Training Program.
  • ​Access to the Study Vault with Full Courses and Trainings.
  • And so much more...
YES! I'm ready to ENROLL NOW!
I understand that I'll get access to:
  • TWO Live, 2-Day Workshops (LOCATION & DATES TBD) (Value $10,000)
  • ​​​BONUS: 12-Months of the Copy Academy Coaching Program (Value $3,564)
That's a Total Retail Value of $64,252
CDRC Requirements & Info Brochure
Why This Coaching & Certification Program Shouldn't Cost You a PENNY!
Get Started For Just $3,000 TODAY
Join the Certified Direct Response Copywriter Program Today!
OR, Pay In Full And Save $2,000!

If you'd rather pay in full, please contact us at [email protected]

This Certification Program should MAKE you money.

It should be an investment that pays you back immediately (if you implement the way I instruct you).

I’m not promising that will happen because I have no idea what you will or will not be willing to do. 

But with the knowledge I teach you, you’ll have the tools to get clients right away and charge decent fees, even if you’re a beginner.

For example… here are some sample fees beginners might get for writing copy as a Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter:
  • Sales Copy Tune-up, $750
  • Marketing Tune-up, $1,250
  • Sales Letter, $2,500
  • Email Series (10 Emails), $1,500
  • Landing Page, $500
  • 10-Page Lead Magnet, $1,000
  • Product Launch Package (Including Sales Letter, Video Scripts, Email Sequences, and more), $10,000.
If you get just 4 clients a month with an average fee of $2,500 each, you’d make $120,000 a year. If you added one Product Launch Package per quarter (4 for the year), you’d add $40,000 to your revenue making you a total income of $160,000.

Again, I can’t and don’t promise these kinds of results, and let me be clear… they are not typical. Nothing is typical.

Why can’t I promise? Because I do not know how hard you’ll work. 

I don’t know how far you’re willing to go.

What you have to ask yourself is… “Am I going to be the typical student who listens but doesn’t apply? Or am I going to do everything in my power to achieve these results?” 

If you're ready to do everything in your power to achieve GREAT results, then...
The GOLDEN RULE Guarantee
Now, if you’re not up to the Ray Edwards Certified Direct Response Copywriting Program challenge in the first 14 days, or if we let you know you’re not up to it… then we will refund your money, no questions asked.

We do unto others what we want done to us.

We've got your back!
What Is The Schedule and Agenda?
What Is The Schedule?
The first module will delivered immediately after you have completed your final registration for the program You will then receive the next three modules (required for certification) each week after. Module 5 through 13 will then be delivered monthly after that. Each month you will have access to a dedicated Copy Craft Coaching call just for certification students, plus you will have access to monthly copy critique calls, Q&A Open Office Hour Calls and Mindset Coaching calls for 12-months in our Copy Academy Membership Program. 
How Much Time Will It Take Each Day?
Each training will be approximately one hour to 45-60 minutes long. We advise setting aside time each day to finish your writing assignments. Of course the time required will vary, depending on your level of experience and how fast you write.
Will This Work For My Business?
We haven’t found a business yet this approach will not work for. So yes, it will work for your business.
How Long Will It Take to Become Certified?
We have designed this program, so that you can get certified in as little as six weeks. Of course, you are not required to get certified in 6 weeks and you can go at your own comfortable pace.  
Is This Going To Be Live?
Each module is pre-recorded, but all of our coaching calls and one-on-one coaching sessions are definitely live (and recorded so that you can go back and review at your leisure.)
What If I Don’t Finish In 6 Weeks?
Each week, you get downloadable versions of all the recordings and workbooks, so that you can work at your own pace. We've designed this program, so that students are able to get certified in as little as 6 weeks - or, if you prefer to take it slower, you can take up to a year.
Get Started For Just $3,000 TODAY
Join the Certified Direct Response Copywriter Program Today!
OR, Pay In Full And Save $2,000!

If you'd rather pay in full, please contact us at [email protected]

Get Started For Just $3,000 TODAY
Join the Certified Direct Response Copywriter Program Today!
OR, Pay In Full And Save $2,000!

If you'd rather pay in full, please contact us at [email protected]

David Garfinkel
“There are relatively few copywriters who get results. Among them, Ray is part of a smaller group still: those who do it with class.”
Jeff Walker
“Highest integrity, a pleasure to work with… and fantastic work. I love working with Ray.”
Ben Settle
“Ray Edwards is an absolutely brilliant copywriting and marketing mind, and writes some of the best email copy I’ve ever seen.”
Imagine Life With a High 6-Figure or
7-Figure Copywriting Business
What will it be like when...
  • You can pay off big chunks of debt using your extra cashflow?
  • Or, maybe you'll want to surprise your spouse with that vacation you've dreamed about for years?
How will your family relationships improve when...
  • You can take your kids on fun adventures without worrying about the expense or time away from work or the cost of not putting in the hours you used to?
How will you feel when...
  • You can work 3 months out of the year and take the other 9 off?
  • ​Or, if you want to hustle... you can work all year for a full 10-20 hours a week, and maximize your income?
  • You work only when you want to work.
  • ​You only accept projects and work you love.
  • You don't have to work with or for manipulative jerks and bullies--ever again!
  • ​You can take time off whenever you want, without asking anyone's permission!
  • ​You can fully fund your retirement, even though you're building a life you will never want to "retire from"!
My Personal Commitment to You...
The Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter Program is MUCH more than just another "program". 

When I put my name on you, on my Certified Direct Response Copywriter (CDRC), I’m making a serious commitment to you. 

It’s more than a promise. It’s more than a guarantee. It’s a commitment. 

I commit to give you the very best of myself and my money-making, copywriting, and business-building secrets.

I commit to give you access to my best training to support the knowledge and experience you’ll have during the course of our year together.

And I promise that if you apply what I teach you, if you follow the path I lay out for you, you will truly “arrive” in the not too distant future.

I cannot make any specific promises of income. 

Only you know how much effort, time, and attention you’ll put into creating your copywriting business.

I’ll do everything in my power to help you get there.

Lives change in this Coaching & Certification Program!

But you have to take the first step.

And the first step is to...

It's Decision Time
You’re standing at the crossroads.

Of the two roads before you, the one on the left is the road you’ve been traveling on so far… it’s rough, uphill, rocky, and full of pain and toil.

On the right is the road less traveled.

It’s smooth, paved, and proven to be the easiest way to finally stop “talking” the big game…

…and start PLAYING the big game!

Choose the right road.

Let’s walk that road together.

To Your Prosperity,
PS - One year from today, you will certainly “arrive.” The real question is… where? If you want to be somewhere different than where you are now, you’ll have to do something different than what you’re currently doing. Take the first step toward a different future and secure your seat today. 
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