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Joy Capps

Right now, you can find Joy Capps playing “underwater tourist” scuba diving 75 feet below the coastline of Belize. When she’s on land, Joy navigates the sea of copywriting and marketing options for business owners. She’s adept at helping brands uncover hidden treasures in shark-infested waters by writing words that sell their products and services while positioning them as thought leaders with their audience.

Over the past 20+ years, Joy has worked with notable brands like Marvel Comics Creator Stan Lee, Compaq Computer Corp., and Enron to thought leaders like Ray Edwards, and many more.

Her goal is to help brands connect to their customers using copywriting, marketing, and business coaching strategies. As a seasoned expert, Joy offers strategic planning, message clarification, thought-leadership content, PLF launch copy, and more. Rest assured she’ll deliver on her promises and exceed your expectations.

Dive into her free resource “Words That Sell: 180 Power Words You Need to Use in Your Copywriting” now.

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