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Laurie Goodman

When it comes to writing nonprofit copy, nothing matters more than making your readers care passionately about your cause.


Because emotions drive action.

It doesn’t matter whether you want your readers to open their wallets, sign a petition, or share a Facebook post. They won’t take action unless they feel strongly about the problem you are solving.

And Laurie can do just that.

Whether you want help rescuing dogs left to fend for themselves in the floodwaters, or feeding the millions of starving children in the world, you need to pave the way for your readers to connect emotionally with those in need.

They need to feel the fear of an animal left tethered to a fence as water quickly rises around them before they are willing to extend a hand to save that animal.

And they need to feel the hunger that gnaws at the inside of a child’s stomach before they are willing to offer bread to feed that child.

Laurie studied Psychology long before she studied copywriting. And one thing she learned early on is how much emotion drives behavior.

This insight served her well as she pursued her dream of becoming a writer. While earning her MFA, she learned how to infuse her stories with powerful   emotional intensity that propelled her characters behavior. This resulted in many remarkably compelling stories.

Now her journey has come full circle with her work as a nonprofit copywriter.

Laurie’s passion for helping others makes writing for nonprofit organizations a natural fit.

Couple her amazing storytelling abilities with her capacity for eliciting emotions in her readers, and you have a fundraising powerhouse at your disposal.

If you want to make a compelling case so your donor’s rush to click the “donate now” button…

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