REI Certified Copywriter

Robert Culpepper

Bad news: Your online business is suffering… sales are poor… basically your copy sxxks. 

And the bad news just got worse.

You did a Product Launch Formula style mini-launch, and you actually lost money!

Now what are you going to do… quit? or get serious and hire an experienced copywriter?

hmmm, you've reached the right guy… but I'm probably not for you.

Many copywriters will tell you they been writing their whole life, introverted, kept a dairy since they were two, and simply loved English class, even got a degree from BSU with honors…

While other copywriters tell you how much they love to read… their number 1 ‘hobby' is curling up by the fire place, book in hand, for hours at end…

And a few other copywriters will tell you how much they've ‘studied the masters' and can rattle off quotes, formulas and word-theory like there's no tomorrow…

and to be 100% honest, I don't really care… 

I just prefer writing copy that makes sales.
I've known Robert for many years and have seen him in action. The guy is a business building champion and the fact he is willing to share his know-how with others will benefit all those who are eager to create increased results! 
Allard de Jong
Executive Coach
Barcelona, Spain

What makes me different?
I'm an engineer and a sales guy (weird combo I know but stick with me)… turned marketer, turned entrepreneur, turned Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter!–) 

I've started selling door-to-door when I was 16 and started my own mail order business when I was 17. I studied engineering at university and worked as an electronics / software engineer in Silicon Valley for Lockheed Missiles and Space Company (now Lockheed Martin), on the top-secret ‘Star Wars' (laser) program during the cold-war.

Moved to Europe, worked in bio-tech software in Oxford, started my own company in Spain (sold it), traveled with my kids for a year, then moved to France…

Robert Culpepper has a unique ability of cutting through the chaff and simplifying the process of business. 
David Trend, Director
Bowling Vision Ltd, England

There's a few other random bits of info I want to share, it may help you see who I am, where I'm coming from and how it will serve YOU and the copy I write for your business. If you don't know what they mean, don't worry about it… 

  • Recruited by the Army and the Navy (Nuclear program) at the age of 16 based on ASVAB. All AFQT Category 1 (all 98+ percentile)
  • MENSA: Stanford-Binet, 139
  • Accepted into Stanford's MBA program – didn't go
  • Accepted and completed the US Navy ROTC compression program but decided not to be commissioned.
  • Interim Professor (ESADE in Barcelona)
  • Deepak Chopra certified meditation teacher (since 1997)
  • Two children, lived in five countries, and I've traveled to 45
  • Internet marketer since 1997
  • Jeff Walker Product Launch Manager (only a handful completed the program)
  • Founded and sold a business in Spain, The International School Of Coaching ( – I wrote all the sales copy for eight-years, then wrote the copy that sold the company

I've been writing all kinds of copy for 20 years.

Areas that I may be best to help you with your copy include technology, online marketing, product launches and non-profit / charity.
“Robert is passionate about helping businesses grow their business and understands the psychology of marketing and sales in a way that makes a practical difference.”
John Rice 
Sales & Marketing Director 
Bowland Solutions UK 

Did I scare you off yet?
If not and if you're ready to finally make your business rock, pick up the phone and call me! I'll answer if I'm free. Or book an appointment on my calendar HERE.And when we do connect be prepared to do lots of talking because I'll be asking you all kinds of stuff about your business… I just love to learn and I'm super curious! Seriously, I'll spend 80% of the time asking questions and listening and 20% talking (think Socratic questioning- google this if you don't know what it means)

Book your appointment here or just pick up that phone and call me!

USA: + / 1.800.797.4648
UK: +44 (0)1454 269 079 / 0800 018 7884 

I don't bite and I don't hard sell (I don't have to). I'm actually really easy to talk to. Promise.

Whether you choose to contact me or not, I truly wish you the very very best in life and in your business!


Robert Culpepper

PS: Still here? Why haven't you called or book an appointment with me yet?

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