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From: Ray Edwards
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Pacific Northwest United States

Dear Copywriting Friend,

If you’re struggling to figure out how to build a profitable copywriting business…

If you’re tired of not making money online, and you want to finally make a good living from your writing…

If you’re frustrated with the “feast or famine syndrome” and want steady, reliable income from clients…

If you’re confused by the conflicting schemes you hear from all the gurus and want a simple business that just makes money…

If you’re skeptical of “make money” course-trainings because you’ve tried them before—and you got burned…

If you’re afraid because you think you should have made more progress by now and you’re ready to create a great “side income” to secure a future for yourself and your family...

Then this letter will show you how...
I've Been There Myself. I Know How It Feels.
Here’s the story:

When I decided it was time to leave the radio broadcasting business and become a freelance copywriter, I didn’t have much to go on.

I’d read a couple of books on copywriting by Bob Bly and Jay Abraham…

And I’d written quite a lot of successful copy for the radio stations I was running.

But I wasn’t sure how to build a profitable copywriting business with a steady flow of work that would support me and my family.

I had a few mentors over the years…

But by and large, I had to figure out the business-building part of copywriting by myself.

I had the same questions and problems most rookie copywriters have.

You have to figure out…

The Tough Questions ALL Copywriters Need To Answer

  • How to continue developing your copywriting skills. A craftsman is only as good as his tools. And though I was getting better and better at writing persuasive copy, I knew I had to find a way to consistently improve if ever I wanted to have the success I hoped for.
  • ​How to set up your business. You know... all those questions about LLCs or S corps, legal contracts, fee schedules, websites, and email services. If I was going to be legit, I had to be an actual, functioning business. Not just a half-baked operation held together by virtual duct tape.
  • How to assemble an attractive portfolio. It’s hard to show your work when you’re just starting out and you haven’t had many clients-or none at all.
  • What to charge your clients. Should you charge by the hour? By the project? And the nagging question that plagues almost all rookie copywriters, and kept creeping in on me was… “am I really worth that kind of money?”
  • ​​How to fill your customer pipeline. Now that I was getting serious about being a full-time copywriter, I couldn’t settle for a series of “once in a blue moon” clients. I needed a steady stream - but nobody knew who I was. How was I going to convince anyone to hire me?
  • How to identify your unique brand identity. It’s true, every business needs good copy written by a good copywriter; how was I going to stand out from any of the others? What was my unique strength? What was my "unduplicatable" brand image?
  • How to scale your writing practice. Getting the first few clients was really exciting. But how was I going to grow my business in a way that would bring in more revenue without working myself to death?

The High Cost of Ignoring These Questions

Without answers to these questions, I was putting the welfare of my business… and worse, my family… at serious risk.

It’s one thing to learn how to write persuasive copy on a regular basis.

It’s another thing altogether to hang out your shingle and build a truly profitable, scalable, rewarding copywriting business.

What I really wanted was the self-respect, freedom, and peace of mind a successful copywriting business could bring.

But I didn’t have the tools to make that happen.

Not at first, anyway.

With a little help from mentors, books, seminars, courses… and the best teacher of all… experience… I started to figure it all out.

It wasn't easy.

 I experimented. I learned. I failed. I picked myself back up again.

I started building my profitable copywriting business one brick at a time.

I attended seminars all over the country-both to continue learning, and to find new clients.

Before too long I started getting the attention of some clients that had really big businesses.

That kept growing to the point that I got to work with many well-known influencers like Jeff Walker, Michael Hyatt, Jack Canfield, and even one of my all-time heroes, Tony Robbins.

Before too long, I had reached all of my goals.

Every year since I left the radio business to pursue a copywriting career, I’ve made at least 6-figures.

And for the last 3 years, I’ve made 7-figures.

As I progressed, many of my online marketing friends encouraged me to start teaching what I’d learned.

I resisted for a long time, but eventually created my flagship copywriting course, The Copywriting Academy.

But that was all about how to write copy that sells-not about building a successful writing practice.

I could see that many other copywriters were struggling to build the kind of successful writing business I had built.
And I started to wonder…

"Maybe I Can Become The Mentor I Never Had."

And that’s why I created this new course for anyone who wants to build a Profitable Copywriting Business.

I’ve taken the lessons, the processes, strategies, and tactics I’ve used over decades of growing my profitable copywriting business and put them all into this course.

Now you can get access to ALL of them!

And it can lead YOU to building your very own, highly successful, and highly profitable copywriting business faster and more reliably than any other program of its kind on the market today.

Because successful copywriters carefully guard these secrets. They fear the competition.

But I want you to succeed, and succeed WILDLY, the way many of my students have.

More about them in just a minute.

First, let me tell you what's awaiting you inside.

Introducing Your "Profitable Copywriting Business."

This is the ONLY course of its kind that lets you bypass the frustration and fear… and shows you exactly how to start, run, and grow your own Profitable Copywriting Business.

 I’m SO excited to help you get started!

By the end of this program, you will have…
  • Built up your copywriting skills and defined your niche & specialty.
  • ​Set up your business properly and assembled your portfolio (even if you don’t have one!)
  • Mapped out your business project plan and developed a client-getting system.
  • Set up procedures, contracts, and forms that make you look like a pro.
  • Developed a unique brand identity and set your business up to scale.

Normal retail: $597

Limited Time - Just $27!

Here are the details for each of the 8 modules 
that you will receive...
  • Learn how to harness the power of “why.” With a big enough why you will figure out the “how.”
  • Design your life first to avoid feeling trapped. The key to this is learning to plan backward. You’ll learn which decisions you need to make “now” to get going in the right direction.
  • Ditch your to-do list. You’ll learn how to abolish overwhelm and always keep your commitments - no matter how busy you get.
  • Build failure-proof armor. I’ll teach you the truth about failure, how to prevent it, and how to set the right kinds of goals, even if you’re a rampant “goal hater.”
  • The 7 habits every highly competent copywriter must develop if they ever have a hope of achieving success. The first four have to do with the fundamentals and the day-to-day routines you need to begin right away.
  • Learning to get out of your “copywriter cave” and leveraging the access to the right kind of people. The final 3 habits are not the easiest for most copywriters because we tend to be introverts. But without these somewhat “extroverted” habits, you won’t have as much success as you otherwise could.
  • The 5 P’s of setting up your copywriting business. These few steps will save you many headaches down the road. It’s best to get them sorted right from the start.
  • Creating your business plan. Deciding who you will serve and how you will serve them.
  • Planning your finances. We’ll get into important topics like how to save for the big career leap, how to build financial reserves, and what to do about your debt.
  • Choosing your business structure. Should you be a sole proprietorship, a partnership, an LLC, an S-corp, or a C-corp?
  • ​Create and register your business name. How to make sure you get the right trademark and domain name for your website.
  • ​Getting the right permits and licenses as well as your accounting system setup. These aren’t the most exciting topics, but you can’t achieve success without them. 
  • 3 good reasons why you don’t need a portfolio. It’s nice to have a portfolio right from the get-go, but there are ways around this.
  • How to get a portfolio when you have no clients. It sounds impossible at first, but it’s not. I’ll show you how many of my best students get started.
  • ​The most powerful piece in your portfolio. Every copywriter needs this. You should put your best efforts forward to create this “most important” piece of copy.
  • ​ Laddering your clients. How to help them recognize the value you bring to the table so they’ll pay you the fees you deserve.
  • ​What to do when things go wrong with a client. There are many common client problems every copywriter encounters. But not all copywriters know how to correctly handle these situations. I’ve learned these from long, and sometimes very difficult experiences.
  • The one decision you must make far in advance, before you can begin to set prices. If you’re used to a regular 9 to 5, 40-hour a week job, this takes some getting used to.
  •  My secret formula for deciding exactly what to charge for your services. It takes some “long-term” thinking to figure out how to use this equation. But once you’ve solved it, you’ll be able to end "monkey-front-of- a-typewriter" copywriter existence.
  • How to set prices that are fair to you and your client. It all has to do with what I found to be the most “humane” way to have the cost conversation.
  • What you should never tell your clients. It involves never publishing your rates, never supplying a schedule of your fees even when asked, and two ways to never price your work. You’ll thank me later.
  • The one thing you must have in place from the very start of your copywriting business. It will prevent “feast or famine syndrome” from ever punching you in the gut again.
  • ​How to never-ever-have to “chase” clients down to get their business. The definitive solution you must apply if you want clients chasing after you instead.
  • ​ 7 “Client attraction magnets” that work like a charm. Without them, you’ll repel potential clients like stink on a skunk. They’ll sniff you out a mile away!
  • ​How to employ the “5 Deadly Weapons of Mass Persuasion.” They are not deadly in the sense of doing harm to others. Rather, when you learn to use them properly, life as you knew it will burst into flames and you will rise triumphant from the ashes.
  • ​The Edwards Revenue Rectangle. How to use it, when to use it, and what it can do to have your bank account bursting at the seams!
  • The real truth about personal branding. This may shock you, but it’s the best way to stand out in a crowd of wannabe influencers.
  • The quality most beginners possess and veterans have lost. Even if veterans once had this quality in spades, their years of experience and resultant complacency robs them of its benefits. It almost always spells trouble for even some of the most famous veterans.
  • Why staying “on brand” is dead wrong. Just because many of the popular branding gurus quote this as the “gospel truth” of branding, doesn’t mean it’s right.
  • How to easily overtake your competitors. Even if they’re more seasoned, more secure, more renowned, more praised, and more proven as copywriting experts.
  • ​The Triangle of Trust. How to make your quirks and flaws work in your favor.
  • ​Which social media platforms you should focus on. What you should spend your time doing on these platforms and which platforms to ignore entirely.
  • My definition of truly “scaling” your business. It’s not what most people think at first glance.
  • ​The most important decision you'll ever make about your business. You can make it today. In fact, you must, or risk building your ladder of success only to find out too late it’s leaning against the wrong wall.
  • ​ Three ways you should never attempt to scale your business. Even though some experts swear by these methods, they can quickly turn disastrous if you’re not careful.
  • The right way to scale a copywriting business. It’s quick, it’s effective, and all it takes is a little know-how and gumption to follow through.
  • ​How to disconnect from the “Middle-Class Doom Loop” once and for all. It’s the ultimate copywriter’s exit from the rat race. You’ll never trade hours for dollars again!

I could easily charge $3,000 for this training.

But I want this to be affordable because I know that even though you’re very serious about building your business, you may not be in a position to invest $3,000.

Or maybe you are in a position to do so, but you’re just not ready (yet) to invest at that level in your career, or your business.

I respect that. And thus, I’m making this program affordable.

Originally, we planned to price this at $1,497.

But I’m not going to charge you that either!

Back in the days this program was still available for purchase, it was an amazing bargain at $597.

But right now, for a VERY limited time, you can get the complete “Profitable Copywriting Business” training program today at the special "OUT OF THE VAULT" price -- of just $27. (Normal Retail Price $597)

Normal Retail Price: $597

Limited Time - Just $27!

What These Secrets Have Done For Some Of My Students

I want to tell you about 3 students of mine who’ve put these secrets to work in their own copywriting businesses.

Mike Kim, was working a corporate job in New York City. He hated it and was looking for a way out.

He began taking my courses and eventually worked with me as an apprentice copywriter.

Now, Mike has a very successful freelance copywriting and marketing consultation business.

He is the host of the #1 Apple Podcast on personal branding.

He’s been a guest speaker at several high-profile online marketing seminars including Social Media Marketing World 2019.

And recently, Mike was hired to be in charge of marketing for the John Maxwell Team.

He’s a true superstar!

Sara Anna Powers was a full-time litigation attorney.

After working with me, she began building her own copywriting practice which quickly grew to over 6-figures as a “side hustle.”

She continued to grow her copywriting side business until she surpassed her salary as an attorney.

She made the switch from lawyer to full-time copywriter and never looked back!

Now she hosts a successful podcast, she coaches businesswomen all throughout the United States, and she’s beginning to speak at various marketing seminars.

She’s an inspiration to many, including me!
Beth Schmeisl is one of my most recent Certified Copywriters.

She was a struggling blogger who was nervous to monetize her growing audience.

After taking some of my courses, she decided to become a Certified Copywriter.

She went all-in and dedicated herself to learning, growing, and applying everything she learned.

After a few months, she began adding some freelance copywriting clients to her marketing day job.

She began applying for full-time copywriting positions and was recently hired by none other than The Harmon Brothers… the company that makes those amazing video ads for Squatty Potty, Poo-Pourri, Chatbooks, and many others.

Now she’s making a great full-time income doing work she loves as a writer, and doing it mostly from home!

And her most recent ad got over 15 million views on YouTube within the first 2 weeks!

Normal Retail Price: $597

Limited Time - Just $27!

What Are Your Options?

If you want to start, run, and grow your own profitable copywriting business, you can...

  • Do what I did and invest over $375,000 and nearly 2 decades to figure it all out by attending seminars and hiring expensive coaches.
  • Try going it alone… get all the books on Amazon about copywriting... and try to weave together enough knowledge from varying sources... many of whom only write in “theory” having never built their own successful writing practice.
  • Or, you can invest a small amount in yourself… less than a dinner out… and get all of my best “insider” copywriting business-building secrets for only $27.
The cost of doing nothing is even higher!

  • You can keep struggling to get clients and miss out on the extra 4 or even 5-figures of income a month. That could total as much as $100,000 a year or more you’re missing out on.
  • You can keep dealing with the nagging “feast or famine syndrome” most freelance service providers suffer from. Living from paycheck to paycheck is one thing. But having an inconsistent flow of new business is even harder because you never know what next month is going to look like.
  • ​You can continue to be confused by listening to “too many” gurus who all say they have the answers to your problems despite their conflicting schemes. It’s easy to get pulled in by all the hype of online marketers. Many are incredibly persuasive on the front end and disappointingly unhelpful after they take your money.
  • ​You can continue feeling afraid that you should have made much more progress by now. This kind of fear is incredibly toxic because it comes served with a steaming pile of shame and guilt. Don’t let this happen to you!
Or, you can make a decision right now, today, right here, to end all this frustration.

Here’s what I’ll do for you...

To help ease your way into this, I want to invite you to take advantage of...

My "Let-Me-Take-All-the-Risk" Guarantee

I’m so convinced the Profitable Copywriting Business program will work for you, I will make you this personal promise...

If you do the work, if you apply the things you learn, and you're STILL not satisfied within your first 30 days, I’ll gladly give you a full refund.

But here’s the catch!

You have to show me your work. You have to prove to me that you’ve really put my methods into practice.

But I’ll be true to my word.

If you really do the work, if you show me what you’ve done and you’re STILL not satisfied, I’ll give you your money back - 100%.

So really, you’re taking ZERO risk.

What's the Real Value of This Program?

Listen, this shouldn't cost you a dime. Ever.

Here's why.

If the only thing it did for you was…

1. Teach you how to develop your copywriting skills to the point that you can confidently write persuasive copy for your chosen market.

2. Help you assemble a strong portfolio even if you’re starting with nothing…

3, Establish a never-fail client getting system despite the fact that nobody yet knows who you are...

4. Build your unique brand identity so you are unduplicatable and quickly become the top-of-mind copy expert in your chosen niche...

5. Show you how to scale your writing business to the point that you can replace your current job or side-income...

Any ONE of those benefits is worth investing multiples of $27. Probably much more!

But this program delivers not one, not two, but all FIVE of these things.

Normal Retail Price: $597

Limited Time - Just $27!

And, in addition to all that...

Order Now and You’ll
Get This Free Bonus, Worth $997.

This is the crazy part. Today when you enroll and place your order now, I'm also going to give you ...

...  the complete "Profitable Copywriting Business Tool Kit".

I have been offered $1,000 for this set of documents and proprietary tools all by itself. But you are not going to pay $1,000 for it – when you order today you get this amazingly useful set of tools to help you run your business absolutely free.

Inside you will find the most complete set of business start-up and business building tools anywhere. You get all of my copywriting business process maps, forms, contracts, procedures, checklists, and more...  so you can run your business like a total pro! 

Normal Retail Price: $597

Limited Time - Just $27!

It's Your Time!

Time to build the profitable writing business you’ve dreamed of.

A business that can quickly help you fill up your client calendar, pay off your debt, and give you the peace of mind you crave doing a job you love.

And here’s the thing you might be thinking…

“Well, I’m not special. I’m not like Ray. I couldn’t do what he did!”

Lean in and listen closely now…


I’m NOT special! I just have proven formulas I use every time I write copy or launch a new product.

If I can do it… SO CAN YOU!

So, it’s decision time.

It’s time to change your destiny.

Time to finally start making progress towards the freedom a profitable copywriting business can truly give you!

Normal Retail Price: $597

Limited Time - Just $27!

Here's What You Get When You Join Me Today:

  • TRANSCRIPTS OF EACH MODULE: (Retail Value $497)
  • FREE BONUS: The PCB Toolbox. (Value $997)


But your investment today is just $27!

One Thing's For Sure...

A year from today, you will surely arrive.

The question is… where?

Will you arrive at your desk in the morning still terrified you don’t know where next month’s mortgage is coming from?

Will you arrive at home after a long and frustrating day to tell the kids the trip to Disneyland has to be canceled?


Will you be a year into building your Profitable Copywriting Business?

Will you have a calendar full of clients waiting to work with you?

Will you have money in the bank and the peace of mind to lay your head on the pillow at night without worrying how next month's bills will be paid?

Where do you want to be?

Choose the path that takes you where you want to go.

I hope you’ll join me on this exciting journey of building your very own profitable copywriting business!

To Your Prosperity, 
P.S. How long are you willing to deal with the frustration, the fear, the anger of not having your own profitable copywriting business?

How long are you willing to wait to get out of debt while working for yourself as a profitable writer?

You can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars-like I did-working with expensive coaches and attending almost every seminar in the online marketing business…


You can join me, get access to my “insider business-building secrets for writers,” and prove to your spouse, your parents, your friends, and especially yourself, that you really CAN start, run, and grow a Profitable Copywriting Business!
Who Is Ray Edwards. and Why Should You Listen to Him?

Ray Edwards is a world-renowned Communications Strategist and Copywriter, the Mastermind behind over $400 million in sales, and teacher to thousands of successful students.

He’s also the author of How to Write Copy That Sells and Permission to Prosper, and creator of “The Copywriting Academy,” the “Certified Direct Response Copywriter Program (CDRC),” and The Ray Edwards Copywriting Agency.

Ray’s clients include New York Times best-selling authors Tony Robbins (author of Awaken the Giant Within and Money: Master the Game), Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (co-authors of Chicken Soup For the Soul), Jeff Walker (author of Launch), Michael Hyatt, Dan Miller, Robert Allen, Zig Ziglar Family, and many more.
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