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Tom Wylie

Tom Wylie, a.k.a. DIY Copy Guy, helps you “DIY Your Copy” by offering sales copy and web design auditing services. Tom discovered first-hand the power of clear, effective sales copy when he built and wrote his own first webpage that sold tickets to a pair of workshops where he taught dads and kids DIY skills. Ever since selling out both workshops within 1-1/2 weeks of publishing his website, Tom has been sold on using Direct-Response Sales Copy to help his clients reach their ideal customers with a message that sells without being salesy.

When Tom isn't writing, auditing copy, or building websites, he can be found filming DIY tutorial videos somewhere on his 7-acre rural North Idaho homestead. An avid YouTuber, Tom loves passing on the hands-on skills that he learned from his Grandpa Tom and from his own experience as a general aviation pilot & mechanic. Tom and his wife Sarah also own and operate Heirlooms Evermore Seeds, which sells non-GMO heirloom garden seeds. Together they have three young children who love “helping” in any way they can around the homestead.

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