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Troy Steine

Troy Steine

Troy Steine designs sales and marketing direct response strategies for premium products and services.

With an extensive hands-on background within the world of sales, communication and using the power of the written word, Troy knows how to inspire interest and close the sale.

Through the use of these skills, results for clients have been phenomenally successful to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in sales of premium products.

Troy offers you an unprecedented menu of salesmanship-in-print, marketing strategies, and sales systems that can propel your business to the next level.

Instead of marketing your product or service like everyone else and turning your business into a commodity that could be haggled with, Troy uses The Power of Preeminent Positioning throughout each of his copywriting campaigns.

When you’re no longer willing to market your product or service as a commodity and instead assume a position of preeminence, everything in the sales and marketing process becomes easier and more profitable, and you separate yourself above and beyond all others in the market.

Each of Troy’s direct response clients receives a series of these high-leverage sales strategies, follow-up systems and proven closing skills to empower each area of their sales and marketing campaign.

Troy lives in Vancouver, Canada where, in addition to offering his direct response marketing and sales systems, he enjoys an ongoing lifestyle of personal growth, special West Coast Vancouver activities, and traveling to unique destinations in the world.

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