3 Links Worth Clicking

Tom Peters: “I am unalterably opposed to ‘kid leashes', and especially when the situation is as I described it. “

Seth Godin: “Often, more effort goes into circumventing a system then it would take to just do a great job in the first place…”. This makes me think about an experience I had at McDonald's (yes, sometimes I eat there. I can't be the only one.) Recently I noticed that the folks who run the drive thru window at my local McDonald's have strategically placed a sign in the window so that, when they slide it open, it blocks the timer that shows how long you have been waiting. How's that for circumventing the system? I never thought about that timer… until they tried to hide it from me.

Roberta Rosenberg: “After 25 years of writing copy, I must admit I get a little pissed-off (okay, maybe a lot) when my hard-learned, hard-earned craft gets lumped in and categorized as yet one more bogus ‘get-rich-quick, anyone-can-do-this' enterprise…

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  • Hi Ray, wow … Seth Godin, Tom Peters, and me. Stellar company and I’m mighty flattered. Thank you so much for the shout out.

  • I enjoyed Seth’s and Roberta’s site.
    I felt that Tom was too judgmental of the couple with the active kid on a leash. You never know what someone else is going through. What if the child was autistic and had a habit of running away. Would he still make fun of them?

  • Thank you for sharing the links!