3 Ways To Be More Productive Tomorrow

If you want to get twice as much done tomorrow, try these 5 tactics. Your “it's done” list will be much bigger.

1. Check Email Last.
Make only one check of email tomorrow. Do it at the end of the day, right before you end work for the day. Devote no more than 30 minutes to this.

2. Do It Now. Anything that will take 5 minutes or less – just do it now. Period. If it will take longer than 5 minutes, either delegate it or schedule it (either of which will take… less than 5 minutes.)

3. Say No More Often. Practice this: “Thank you, but no.” Say it with a smile, but don't relent.

4. Go On Vacation Next Week.
Ever notice how you get more done the week before vacation than in most months? Just pretend you're going on vacation next week. Hustle.

5. Have a Top 5. Before you check email at the end of the day (see #1), make a list of the 5 things you MUST get done tomorrow. Tomorrow morning, make those 5 things the first things you do – before any meetings, phone calls, or anything else.

Try it. Let me know how you do.

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