5 Reasons Why I Blog

Ryan Healy tagged me with this meme: “5 Reasons Why I Blog”. I read Ryan's blog on a regular basis, and I appreciate him including me in the fun.

  1. It's good for business. It wasn't always this way. When I started blogging it was more about self-expression. It didn't take long for me to realize blogging was building my business, too. I get a steady flow of new business from people who say something like, “Well, I started reading your blog and finally decided I would call you.”
  2. Self-expression. Once upon a time, I was a radio DJ. Highly-rated, successful, and loving it. Being on the radio was my own personal megaphone. It was my way of being heard. Now I get that same satisfaction from blogging. You can too. Now everyone's a DJ!
  3. Building a relationship with my readers. There's nothing like a blog to build a relationship with your readers. My blog is the source of most of the conversations I have with my readers. Why? I have some theories, but the fact is they don't matter. It just works.
  4. Marketing. I know there are many who say you can't “monetize” a blog. Really? My own blog has brought me… well, let's call it “a substantial amount” of revenue. And I don't even use Adsense (as of this writing). One of the very best Internet Marketers is a guy name Dave Winer. And you'd never categorize him as a marketer… but last year he made over 7 figures using his blog as the primary marketing medium. Even as as I write this, he's in the beginnings of a “product launch”, though most of his readers probably don't realize it.
  5. Research and testing. The quickest way I know to test a new idea, get some feedback, or get an answer is… make an appropriate post on my blog.

Okay, those are my 5 reasons for blogging. And now, I tag:

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