7 Stupid Ways To Define Success

Here are 7 ways to define success that are guaranteed to make you feel like crap:

  1. Your bank balance.
  2. How fancy your car is.
  3. How fancy your house is.
  4. How fancy your clothes are.
  5. The shape of your body.
  6. How other people see you.
  7. How popular you are.

Here is a definition of success that, if you believe and practice it, will allow you to feel great (and be great)… no matter what your external circumstances might be:

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.”
~ Earl Nightingale

(Hint: the key words are “progressive” and “worthy”.)

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  • andypoulton

    I've used a simple measure to judge business, the three Fs and if they have all 3 then they are probably headed for a fall – flags, fast cars and fish tanks

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  • 3 more stupid ways to define success-
    1. Girls
    2. Gold
    3. Glory

    Success is Not measured by finance, material possessions, popularity or or even how famous we are.

    Here's a few ways to measure success:

    #Personal- Do I possess Character? Who you are

    #Family- Am I Respected?- Having those who know me best respect me most

    # Vocation- Am I a business success? Fulfilling my call, using my gifts, leading by example and empowering others to do the same

    # Ministry-Am I serving others?

    # Life- Am I fulfilling Gods calling and purpose for my Life?

  • yeah. I totally agree with this. I know some people who base their success with their cars and material properties. They just don't know that that is more than that! It's just irritating. Some people underestimate you just because you don't have a car or you do not want to buy an iPad.

  • I totally agree, Ray! A huge part of success is about serving and adding value to others.